Friday, March 02, 2007

2007 year:

start with #1-2007, named "International Polar Year" where design is nice, and Maxi Card have it really good. Issued Jan 30 2007, and dealer want for set/single 1.oo euros, for FDC need 2.50 euros, for Carte Maximum full 3.00 euros.

2-2007 is "Actors - Famous TV and Cinema" that is printed in standard sheet of 8+1 tab on middle, and dealer want for full sheetlet 4.00 euros. Issued on Feb 16 2007.

#3-2007 here I LIKE IT - Tourism, and this set together with next issue of Flowers made one excellent combination. For this set, need to give 3.00 euros.

#4-2007 is gived to capital Belgrade, one single value, same design like before one year, when it is issued by name SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO, but with different face value. Dealer want for it 2.00 euro.

#5-2007 one beautifull issue of Flowers, really nice, and I think that cost of 3.00 euros for set is right.

Postage Due - 2007, is also issued, with two stamp, sport topic, and sell for 1.00 euros.


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