Friday, March 02, 2007

End of 2006 year issue is presented with #9 (Two hundred year of liberation Beograd), where is issued single stamp, and on FDC one old drawing, issued Dec 13 2006 - nice design for FDC, but stamp is full of small detail, that lowered quality.

Dealer have standard prices for new issue, this one is 0.70 euros for single stamp, and FDC go for 2.20 euros.

Number #10 - one nice issue for UNICEF 60 yr. - I'm really sorry, that it is not printed in single stamp block issue, because designer made "full point" with it. Nice, professionally designed and beautiful!

Prices is same like previous issue 0.70/2.20 euros, issued Dec 11 2006.

Number #13 - go to Christmas, issued Nov 20, 2006, in standard topic and picture like everywhere in the world.

Christmas decoration, nice to remember, but no more than that.

Prices go to 1.20 euros (two value set) and 2.70 euros for FDC.

And now #12 - one prize winner (will be I hope) issue for ART, issued on Nov 16, 2006, two value set, Mozart and Rembrandt picture, really intelligent design, and sheetlet of 9+1 tab that differe from common type used before. Something, that I didn't find in other countries, and very near of Czech or Slovakian quality.

Prices go 2.50 euros for set of 2v, 7.00 euros for same set but with tab attached, 38.00 euro for sheetlet of 9+1, and 5.90 euro for FDC.

Number #11 - is dedicted to Theater "Atelje 212", presented with picture of Actors and building of same, not something that catch eye.

Prices standard 0.50 euros for set and 2.00 euros for FDC, issued Nov 10, 2006.

Number #14 - is typical for New Year issue, with Santa Claus dominating stamp, nothing special, but in frame. Stamp will cost 0.80 euro, and for FDC need to give 2.30 euro, issued Dec 1, 2006.

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