Friday, September 14, 2007

#17, 18 and 19 in 2007:

It is really nice to see that Serbia come again with one really nice issue! This one (#17) is for Great Scientists, issued July 10, 2007, and have portrait of:

Giuseppe Occhialini (1907-1993) who is know in cosmic radiation field,

William T. Kelvin of Largs (1824-1907) - Kelvin scale, thermodynamics, electro statics, etc,

Dmitrij I. Mendeleev (1834-1907) - Periodic law, Periodic table, Gallium.

Just to mention, that for this three great person, something is common, one is born on 1907 yr, and two died in same, 1907 year!

Design are great! Jaksa Vlahovic from Belgrade made it nice - and, sheetlet of 10 stamp is perfect.

Three stamp in set, total 132 Serbian dinar face value (less than 2.00 euro), mean affordable for most collectors, FDC with "fine" design that will be perfect for topical collectors.

#18 is reprint issue of #1, Coat of Arms, difference is not so visible between first print and this one reprint, because no correction are made on design, not on year mark or else. Collectors will be confused - I see difference on quality printing (first issue are bright, clear printing) this reprint are less bright, and on different paper and glue!

Face value 20 dinar (around 0.24 euro).

#19 come for Art/Paiting person Petar Lubarda, 100 yr of. To be fair, not something that I like (design), but for sure, one issue that this artist deserve. Issued on July 27, 2007, designed by Mr M. Kalezic, Belgrade. Face value of 20 dinar (0.24 euro) - simple affordable.

By way - I received today Scott Stamp Monthly magazine, and loking on year stamp, cost by countries, where is stated that Serbia (independent) have in 2006 issued 21 stamp, face value 981.00 dinar (11.67 euro) and catalog (Scott) value of 31.45 US$.