Friday, October 19, 2007

Postage Due #4-2007, for "Red Cross" in Serbia - nothing to talk, but symbol is correct.

Prices simply 0.40 euro (for beginning).

#24-2007 like every single year, Serbia issue topic for Joy of Europe" it start in 1969, and still have tradition. Issued on Sep 28, 2007, with again , stamp full of color - red, red blue, in full color! I really don't know if it is children's drawing, but if Yes, graphic author need to made some "fine" correction - here it is no case.

Single stamp, two children, happiness, simple, standard issue.

Single stamp will ask for 1.60 euro, sheet of 8+1 tab = 15.00 euro, and FDC just 2.70 euro.

#23-2007 - Archeology, Cultural Heritage, Museum Exhibit - all this math this issue, nice design, issued on Sep 21, 2007, with UNESCO protected sites, two stamp in set, sheet again 8+1 tab, not bad at all. Prices - single = 3.50 euro, sheet of 9+1 = 30.00 euro (yes - this time they issued sheet of 9 stamps + tab, twoo sheet in set), FDC just 4.50 euro.

#22-2007, is for International day - Ozone Protection: I really don't like it! FDC so full of red and yellow colour, with stamp design telling us, rise hand for protection against sun, no-no-no, wrong choice for important topic!

Issued on Sept 17, 2007, Forum printer, and it is all what I can say. Prices like usually - single = 0.70 euro, sheet of 8+1 = 7.00 euro, FDC = 2.00 euro.

#21-2007 - joint issue with Austria, commemorating Danube fauna - White tailed Eagle.

Something that are really nice, from design to printing and first day cancel! Here are shown two FDC, one just from Serbia, and second is dual, stamp from Serbia and also Austria, with picture on FDC from panoramic wiev of Danube and map - something that must be included in every collection.

I don't know, if all FDC are made with dual country stamp, or just with single country, or both at moment, but it is fine product. Yes - difference in printing are visible, it is printed in Austria, and day of issue are Sept 7, 2007.

Prices in retail store are also high, for single need to pay 1.60 euro, single with tab, like usually twice, 3.20 euro, for FDC (just Serbian) - 2.50 euro, and dual FDC (alone) will cost You high 5.00 euro. And mortar blow will come from sheet of 8+1 tab on middle, for which You need 15.00 euro.

#20-2007 will go to Monastery, it celebrated 600 year from the construction of Kalenic monastery. Graphic designer is also from Belgrade, Skocajic, and if we analyze FDC design, it is in one standard design. Stamp alone is not so perfect, simple picture, from long distance and nothing else. But, here come sheet of 22 stamp and 3 tabs - here overall picture come to much better position. tab have one ornament, and two frescoes. Hard time for collectors!

Prices are also in range, for single, purchase from dealer, need 0.70 euro, single with tab will cost twice 1.40 euro, complete sheet will take 15.00 euro, and FDC just 1.50 euro.