Sunday, April 20, 2008

#3-2008 Easter:
Issued 21 March, 2008 with two stamp in set, like usually, design of Easter Egg, decorated with fresque. Stamp of 20.00 dinar and 46.00 dinar face value, it is somewhere around 1.50 US$, that will be sold at dealer prices almost twice, because of failing value of US$. This issue is well designed, and I can recommanded it to all who collect religious motifs - it will fit well.

100 year of International Swimming Federation, issued on 18 Feb, 2008, single stamp 50.00 din face value - 1.00 US$ - for sure, will cost in shop more than 2.00 US$, because topic and quantity issued, on stamp are Water Polo player in action, with (I don't know why) EU star symbol (?) but maybe author simply put this star without reason - it come in sheet of 8 stamp with tab on middle, that will be more expenses for collector, overall - stamp are nice and FDC come also in good planned design.
XXIX Olympic Game in Beijing 20008, P.R. China - here I can say just "bingo" - Artist made it well! Two stamp, 46.00 dinar and 50.00 dinar - almost 2.00 US$ face value - You will not find it on market for less than 5.00 US$, and it is again issued on 8 stamp + tab on middle format, that will cost You even more, around 50.00 US$ for this sheet of 8+1 - this issue will be really popular and worth in any collection. Desing of stamp come from artist M. A. M. Kalezic, that on one stamp have an picture of tennis player and runners in action - with background of one stamp is Chiness Pagoda, and on second stamp is detail from art - woman. Even that I think - woman on this stamp looklike an "geisha" - but I'm not sure what "Japan" culture have to do with China Olympic - but it is artist decision and view. When talking about FDC - it is really great picture - Stadium, Building, Bird - all three element that fit well!!! Prefer to obtain it as soon as will be available for You - I'm affraid that this issue will have same "trouble" like one issue for football from Serbia and Montenegro, where sheet of 8+1 have an high catalogue value and this one will reach also - because that, it is worth to pay even double price today.