Monday, August 18, 2008

11-2008 "Orient-Express" Train Line:

This one issue will be next to best - if I talk about Europa 2008 issue like best in this year, this one will be really close to this one if not equal - first it is really important to "writte in history" this train line that come from Paris to Strasbourg and continue to Munich, Wien, Budapest, Belgrade, Nis and finished in Constantinople. It is issued on 9 June, 2008, two value in set, with great artist work! I can say - well done!

Face value are 20 and 50 Serbian Dinar, it is around 1.40 US$ face value, but You will never "catch" this prices from any dealer, it will cost You minimum twice with good luck if you will be able to find it occassionaly on market - just on standing order from post or from your personal dealer You will manage to buy it.

12-2008 "50 year of Television - Belgrade":

I will not talk lot about this issue, yes it have significance for Serbia alone, but design is really "low profile", one "home work" for one art student class - nothing more. Issued on 16 June, one value, face value are around 1.00 US$, that You can obtain it from dealer in maximum 10-15% up to face value, really nothing special.

13-2008: "200 yr grand school - Belgrade":

Again one issue that have just significance for citizen of Serbia, because 200 yr of one Grand School is not "small" things - countries in United Europe even didn't exist for this long period, and one small Serbia have one school with 200 yr tradition - but, from Philatelist wiev, I think that existed many other way to celebrate this event, and more of it - with much better design! One value, face cost is low - 0.40 US$, I don't know what this school will benefit from this stamp, except that it will stay in history of philately forever. Issued on 10 July 2008, and market value will also stay low as can be.