Thursday, October 29, 2009

17-2009 - Train, 125 year of Train in Serbia:
Issued on Sept. 8, 2009 - set of 2 value, face value are 68 Serbian Dinar, that will be some near 1.10 US$, not so big investment for collectors that are specialized in this topic, but if they will wish to have an printing sheet of 10 - they will need to prepare some bonus to pay, because sheetlet are more attractive, and low quantity printed, that Serbia still practice. I think that this issue come with visible "coming down" in artist work effort. It have symptoms of "home work must be done" and compare it with "Orient Express" issue - it is really big difference. FDC have an map on it, that will show us train line from Belgrade to Nish (Nis) - and significance are great - because 125 year of train lane are lot of time and history - many european countries don't have this history of existence - and small Serbia have an train line!

18-2009 - Joy of Europe:
I really don't like it! Good name of issue, and intention also - but let see what is on stamp - it is one drawing of Danah KG, from Unated Arab Emirates. I was always thinking that "Joy of Europe" will serve first local childrens drawing, it in the end show that I'm not correct - what to do, human will learn all the way in life and die stupid - isn't?

I go further, and see that motif on the vignette is Bengkel KKK from Indonesia and also Young Artist Art Centre from Egypt! Oooooo - now it come some suspicion - are Serbian postal Authority handling some "good will" to other (Muslim populated) countries - or local children are less attractive, or perhaps didn't come with quality drawing that will give them place on this issue?

As is - is, one single stamp in issue, face value of 46 dinar, mean some 0.75-0.80 US$, expensive for un not attractive stamp - hope that Serbian Post will use it in regular post franking.

19-2009 - "Golden Pen":
Issued to celebrate 50th Anniversary of the International Exhibition "Golden Pen"! Sept. 21, 2009. And lot of "????????????" - what that mean for human population? I'm reading from FDC back side explanation: "...oldest exhibition of this kind in Europe...". See - I'm also very near of 50 - but I never hear about this exhibition and never know that it is very important for Serbia alone! Design? Not so "big deal" - except that if someone collect "mouse" on stamp, they will have one more in collection - face value also low - just 22.00 dinar - somewhere around 0.34 US$ - tell me who will order it?!
And in the end for this time:
Postage Due 4-2009:
it is two small stamp, for solidarity week, "Red Cross" - children, mother - and total 20.00 dinara face value. Like usually for this items - good intention, I will be glad to know if money collected really reach children in need! Hope that yes!
As today, Jan. 1, 2010,
Postage due 5-2009:

I received next three stamp for this postage sue, and two are self-adhesive stamp, with different face value, but same design like one perforated, and second is for "Beograd 1944-2009" Institute for Culture Monument - Belgrade.

Monday, July 13, 2009

11-2009 Church:
Here we will start with few new issue recently printed, and start with this, let's say, "normal" issue. It come in occasion of 70 year of Saint Sava Temple, on Vrachar (Vracar), Belgrade, Serbia. One single stamp like usually, face value of 0.31 US$, nothing that will attract collectors, but FDC is made well. Issued on May 9, 2009.

12-2009 European Nature Protection:
Continuing with this series, every year, I personally don't like it, because this is mostly draving of nature around Serbia, but just draving, with poor artist expression, that don't present beauty of Serbian places - on this set, two value, is presented Uvac river and Pcinja valley, one of few untouched places that is worth to visit. This two stamp, face value of 0.97 US$ - will worth more in Michel catalogue, and sheetlet of 8 set with tab on middle have another problem for collectors of Monastery topic. Issued on May 20, 2009.

13-2009 The battle on Chegar (Cegar):
I don't know why Serbian Post have this kind of artistic expression on stamp?! See which kind of it is! One small dimension of stamp, with painting of battle, that is IMPOSSIBLE to put it in visible manner on the small paper! This issue degraded one nice "way" that Serbia have in stamp design. two stamp in set, face value of 0.97 US$, good for collectors that collect cheap stamp. But, from history point, it have an significance for Serbian - this battle made one great history and give Serbian vision to the future of liberalization and freedom from Ottoman Empire. Issued on May 29, 2009.

14-2009 Serbian Classical Musicians:
Hardly that someone will recognized any of them, because in Yugoslavia they didn't care about advertisement and show, they focused on quality, here come issue of 8 stamps/persons that leave one great work in music history. Ljubica Maric, Vasilije Mokranjac, Kornelije Stankovic, Josif Marinkovic, Miloje Milojevic, Mihovil Logar, Petar Konjovic and Stevan Hristic made it on stamp. Design is in classical manner, thinking to made it "black and white" - with nice yellowish background - thinking nice. Face value are same for each stamp, but together will have it on 2.51 US$ - that is not too much. Issued on May 29, 2009.

15-2009 Studenica Monastery Icon:
Here we come across one significant issue, design is not so big "class" like some previous issue with "Icon" topic, printed in ZIN Printing plant, that is little shifting from Forum Printing plant - but, occasion are great! It is 800 year of painting in Studenica Monastery - great 800 year!!!! Small Serbia, that suffered lot in history, with all great and not-so-great power in globe wishing to erase Serbian country, and they stay JUST with monastery painting for 800 year! Show me other countries that have this great achievement, this great history. I'm sorry to see just one stamp in set, but let it be. Face value standard 0.31 US$. Issued on June 8, 2009.
16-2009 Science and Scientist:
Important topic, that Serbia join other countries with this issue - and start with Charles Darwin, Pierre Curie, Dimitrije Putnikovic and Pavle Savic. For first two, I believe that every one know them, and nothing to talk about, they are well know for our civilization, but let's talk about other two - local, Serbian scientist. Pavle Savic - physicst, chemist, that have work with I. J. Curie on atomics experiments. Second is Dimitrije Putnikovic - teacher and pedagogue, that work mostly in "children's" sphere of education. Nice issue that mark Serbian history. Set of 4 stamp, with good design on FDC, stamp alone can be much better done - but, like is will satisfy collectors. face value is standard of 1.94 US$, but sheetlet of 10 stamp will need much more than just face value. Keep it in Your possession if You can - because Michel catalogue will value it much-much more than triple face value - also quantity are less than satisfactory - 28 000 set!!!! How much it is in sheetlet of 10? Just 2800 - not enough, but will have good catalogue value. Issued on June 22, 2009.
Postage Due 3-2009:
Here I will be very short, one stamp go for Red Cross, one for church S. Sava on Vrachar (Belgrade) and one - that will be hard to put in postage due, is for King Aleksandar Ist Karadjordjevic. I don't think that any country in this world, downgraded king with one small dimension stamp! All three stamp have face value of just 0.31 US$, Issued - I still don't have exact date!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Judaica issue from 2008 year:

In my previous pages - I mentioned this issue in "Postage Due 2008", (see page: Postage Due 2009, dated March 13, 2009), and made one "notice" after, when I received some information from my friend in Belgrade. Today, I come across one Auction House in Belgrade, and to my surprise, I see that I was little bit wrong, to classify this stamp in "personalized stamp"!!

But I was very wrong!
Here is description that I see on this Auction Web Page:

Description9.IX.2008. Jewish historical museum in Belgrade and Post of Serbia, have issued a INSTITUTIONAL POSTAL STAMP of 20 din, on which the MENORA is shown, a typical Jewish religious symbol - a seven armed candlestick, carved on roman bricks found at the archaeological site Celarevo. It was determined that a tribe know as Hazars lived there, retreating from the areas of today's South Russia before the warrior nomad tribes. Stamp was printed in circulation of 200 items in sheets of 25 pieces. On same occasion the provisional invitation was printed - in form of postal card in circulation of 100 items. VERY RARE.
Starting price320.00 €

Someone can explain me this? Probably "Judaica" specialist around globe can help me? In most optimistic day, I will never imagine that this stamp, face value of 20.00 Serbian Dinar, will have one starting prices of 320.00 euro!!!
I know that permission is given to print this stamp, and in same Auction Catalogue, I saw one sample where is this stamp used. It was on "Exhibition Invitation Card" that are delivered by post, to some VIP people, but what I see on this card is use of stamp, more like "additional" postage due, or probably (because I don't know postage rate for this kind of mail), it is used in combination with regular postage stamp, that can be mostly true.

Now, in description is stated "Institutional Postal Stamp" - WHAT THAT MEAN in simple philatelist language? Someone know? Probably person that write description, didn't know correct translation, or used some "b-fish" translate service, or I don't know what, but, according my knowledge, "Institutional " mean official - isn't? If it is really official, that mean, major catalogue will include it in, that will have great impact on prices! starting prices of 320.00 euro is really great, also just 200 copy printed is really great - but what about collectors????

Friday, May 22, 2009

8-2009: Art - issued on April 6, 2009 - They chose to celebrate three artist from Serbia, with three stamp in set, each artist have one main work.

Start with low denomination, 22.00 dinar, it is 100th Ann. of birth artist Milena Pavlovic Barilli. She was daughter of Italian composer Bruno Barilli. This stamp show us main work named "Self Portrait with a veil", from 1939 yr.

Second value of 46.00 dinar is work of Jovan Bijelic, celebrating 125th yer of birth. Stamp is his art work named "Dead Nature with Parrot" - and third value is also 46.00 dinar, with art work of Paja Jovanovic, work named "The Young Woman in Pink Dress". This three stamp in set have an 1.62 $ face value, but on market it will come almost to 3-3.50 euro, depending on who sell and where, Design of three FDC (3-7.00 euro market prices) are even more better done than stamp alone, and if You wish to invest - buy sheet of 10 (valued around 35.00 euro).

9-2009: "Universiade sport event" - issued on March 31, 2009 - to commemorate sport event "Universiada" - that are held in Belgrade this summer. Sport event start on 1-12th July and have one record of athlete from 170 countries and 200 disciplines. Two stamp in series, with logo and mascot of event, nice artist design, but I can say - little bit childish art work for this importance. Set of two have an face value of 22.00 + 46.00 dinar, that is around 1.00 $, but again, dealer will charge You minimum 2.00 euro. Both stamp can be included in many topic - from athletics, tennis, basketball and other sport, and for FDC prepare 2-4.00 euro, sheet of 8+tab will take from You 15-18.00 euro.

10-2009: "EUROPA - Astronomy" - Here I will shout: "Thanks SERBIA for this nice issue"!! One of best that I can see around all countries in Europe. Issued on May 5, 2009 with two stamp, face value of 46.00+50.00 dinar (little bit more expensive but still affordable) - it is around 1.37 $ - but hardly that You will have it from dealer for less than 2-3.00 euro! Reason? Here is it - quantity printed is just 60 000 set (just less than 9 000 sheet of 8), think that most dealer will subscribe for more than 50 set of this issue, which will result in shortage on market. Who was that statue on stamp? Goddess URANIA, protector of Astronomy, and on other stamp we have Galileo's telescope and Milky Way, radio-telescope and nebula Horse Head. Quantity printed is around "middle" of practice that Serbia have, less than that quantity have just issue of less importance (28 000), and more important issue (for Serbian Authority) have quantity printed of 528 000 maximum. Why they decided to print just 60 000 pieces - I think because prices (higher value) and also to keep future catalogue value, that will constantly rise because of demand. For FDC prepare more than 4.00 euro, and sheet of 8+tab will cost You darly - 25-30.00 euro depending of dealer. I can suggest You just one simple way - if You have trading partner, exchange partner - take it twice You need - because if You will go to dealer - You are finished!

Friday, May 08, 2009

5-2009: Ecology - Joint issue with Bulgaria, issued 2/III/2009, with two stamp in set and one block (of same two stamp), one nice paiting, I can not say that it is not, but I can say, that existed many other way to make this issue more better than is now. It is drawing, it is far away from painting or art. Face value for this set and block is around 0.75 euro, sheet of 10 will made it 15.00 euro and FDC from Serbia only will cost You 1.72 euro, but FDC with Bulgarian issue will be hardly available around market.
6-2009: Easter issue, dated 9/III/2009, I will not use hard word, but it is one ugliest that I have in stock! WHY to downgrade quality that was in good shape? WHY to use this wood carving instead of beautiful Icons that existed around Serbian Monastery in Serbia? Probably someone didn't like when Serbia go to upper scale with quality and decided to damage little bit! Face value is same like previous issue just 0.75 euro, but hardly that it will reach this prices in any future catalogue - simple vasting!!!
7-2009: Great Serbian Artis, dated 17/III/2009, with 6 stamp in set. According dimension of stamp, it look like that economy in Serbia is improving, they have money to print stamp on "label" dimension, and to be fair also in "label" design! Nothing worth to say, no quality or artist imagination show here. Face value are in lower scale, just 1.87 euro per set, but loking for quality, I think that it is too much!
Postage Due 2-2009: Standard issue for Anti-Cancer, probably someone will made collection just with this small size stamp, it can be nice and cheap, because postage due have an face value of 0.10 euro, but it is all.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Postage Due 2009:

Here is coming first few of it, but i will put here also one issue from 2008 year, which I received today, and it is connected with Judaica Postal Exhibition, held in last year in Belgrade - which i don't remember exactly date - I saw catalogue for this exhibition, but just now obtained one stamp probably issued on this occasion in very low face value of some 0.20 euro but I don't know if it is freely sold on market or just sold with catalogue at the day of exhibition - probably someone know?

Finally - today I have information about this stamp! It is personalized stamp, that was permited for use on the day/period of exhibition, and printed just 200 copy of it, printing permision for postal transport are given. They will be really rare, and we need to wait next year edition of major catalogue, to see if it is accepted from collectors side.


Here are 4 stamp and one overprint (of 1-2006, 18-2007) with nice topic of Costume part, Kalemegdan Fortress and coat of arms. Face value for all of it is 0.81 euro, probably You will find dealer that will charge you some 15-20% face value. All in all - nice items.


Starting 2009 year with: Critics! Why? I'm looking on Issue Programme for 2009 yr - first what I see is very-very big quantity printed! Some rising in quantity will result in low catalogue value - for sure! Serbian Post previous period printed around 35 000 set per issue, and now they go to 10-20x more!!!! It is first sign of inflation - You don't think?
1-2009 "Luis Braille":
how much I see - it will be common issue around globe, possible because 200 yr of birth, and importance - Serbia same participate in it with one stamp in set, relatively good design, but much less good than previous year - they even missed to print it with relief characters that are basic for this letter. Like I say, one stamp in set, face value of around 0.45 euro, affordable, and FDC will fit in all collection. Issued on 5/I/2009.
2-2009 "Zabavnik Journal":
Oh - I remember this Journal for Young population that also old people read with joy! My opinion is that it is an unnecessary issue - but nice to have also stamp for this journal - why not, if people have money to buy it - but, tell me - who today thing to spend some money on issue that will not math any major topic?
One stamp in issue, with very cheap 0.23 euro face value - affordable for all. FDC design is really like journal itself, full of color with main character from journal on it - at all, nice drawing - worth to have.

3-2009 "Hedgehog Journal":
For which one that I never hear! What's for? No any significance except 75 year of issue - and design!!!! Terrible mistake by Postal Authority! Can You recognize what is on stamp? Modern or old Don Cihotte? Sundown in desert? What people with search for it, which collection to include it - oj-vaj-voj - that will be failure at all even that face value are low just 0.20 euro, but even that I will not spend! Issued on 5/I/2009.

4-2009 "Protected Animal":
Thanks God - again some "sun" back! Great in all aspect - set of four stamp, two FDC, sheet of 5 set gutter between on sheet - how to obtain all combination of gutter except to purchase full sheet - and it will cost You. Set alone is face value of 1.50 euro, but on market prices are as follow: set = 3.50 euro, set + gutter between = 5.00 euro, FDC = 3.50 euro and full sheet of 5 set = 20.00 euro! say what You want - but I think that it is worth this money - see just artist work, he invested soul in it. What is on stamp? Harvest Mouse, European Ground squirrel, Ermine and Southern Birch Mouse - I think good to have!
Issued on 16/II/2009, and printed 128 000 set (mean around 25 000 sheet of 5 set available, less for FDC use - left on market around 20-22 000 sheet of 5 set).

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I will say true, that in this field I'm really weak! But, I wish to show one nice sample of Postal Card, with cancel, that are in use at the time, by Serbian Post abroad (It sound like Serbian Empire, but this is an sad part in Serbian history where many-many Serbian civilian and soldier die in fighting for freedom).

What I learn from some catalogue is not lot, many catalogue have little information about this sad period from Serbian history, and some catalogue mention just envelope with postage (French) stamp on, and some even didn't mention it at all.

This sample (shown front and back side) are used on 1918 year, delivered from Corfou (Greece) to Dijon (France), with nice clear cancel. What I know from catalogue is that Serbian Post abroad existed between 1916-1918, and used French postage, with two kind of cancel, one that was obligatory "Ministarska Postanska Stanica" (Ministry Post Station) and second "Postes Serbes" that are placed sometimes over stamps, sometimes near stamp on cover. Normally - for this rare material, and because this material are important in Serbian history, fake are frequent on the market, and this is reason why to be very careful when purchasing online, preferable is to buy it with certificate and from trusted dealer. I see on eBay, that material from this period are valued very high, starting bid for rare items, are from 100-200 BP (British Pound) - Post Card shown have less than that, because it is common, and without certificate, but again will have an really good starting bid of 35-45 US$ - risky to buy, but worth to take chance. Premium price will be on postally used cover with rare destination, with two cancel + one more for censor mark which are common in black color, rarely in red.

Common cover, with French postage, set of 14 value on yellow paper, that will be very hard to complete, can reach more than 300.00 Euro on free market, and on white paper will have an premium of 20-25% more. Violet cancel will take another 20% premium, and if You will find this cover with Greek postage it will be miracle! More of this will reach samples with more than one stamp on it, also porto postage, mixed postage - all this will have an nice premium on market. But again, be very careful - fake samples are on market!