Friday, March 13, 2009

Postage Due 2009:

Here is coming first few of it, but i will put here also one issue from 2008 year, which I received today, and it is connected with Judaica Postal Exhibition, held in last year in Belgrade - which i don't remember exactly date - I saw catalogue for this exhibition, but just now obtained one stamp probably issued on this occasion in very low face value of some 0.20 euro but I don't know if it is freely sold on market or just sold with catalogue at the day of exhibition - probably someone know?

Finally - today I have information about this stamp! It is personalized stamp, that was permited for use on the day/period of exhibition, and printed just 200 copy of it, printing permision for postal transport are given. They will be really rare, and we need to wait next year edition of major catalogue, to see if it is accepted from collectors side.


Here are 4 stamp and one overprint (of 1-2006, 18-2007) with nice topic of Costume part, Kalemegdan Fortress and coat of arms. Face value for all of it is 0.81 euro, probably You will find dealer that will charge you some 15-20% face value. All in all - nice items.


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