Friday, March 05, 2010

Start of 2010:

We will start this year with issue:

NIN Journal, issued Jan 26, 2010, with one single stamp, celebrating 75 year of this weekly magazine. When I lived there in Yugoslavia, it was my favorite journal, because of hios neutral nature, and good journalist work done. It rise from begining with only 50 000 copy and on hight of history it come to 150 000 copy distributed. This single stamp have low face value, just around 0.30 $, but You will pay nearly 10% premium to obtain it from dealer - not "big deal" at all. Quantity printed are still "in frame" for country of around 6 mil. - it is 38 000 copy, that will be, probably, distributed around post branches for franking mail - hardly that collectors will "run" for it, because topic are less attractive.

China New Year (Year of Tiger), that are issued on Jan 27, 2010 - follow many country that celebrate this occasion - with, by my opinion, little bit "more than need" use of color - it nearly "hide" main topic (tiger) from space of stamp! Issue have set of 2 stamp, and even that I expected also to be with sheet - it didn't happen. Printed just set, in printing sheet of 25, face value around 1.01 $ - for this issue - enough money to spend. When talk about quantity, they made progress and printed 78 000 sets, probably thinking for more need on collectors side, because of topic that are popular around globe.

Nature Protection, like usually for every year - this issue didn't come like surprise. probably surprise are format printed, where we have same stamp in set, sheet and sheetlet of 8+1 tab, that will just ask more investment from collectors. I don't think that You will find it in use on regular mail, also because topic and also because face value that are around 1.86 $. Quantity printed are little bit in disproportion, because 22 din face value are printed in 528 000 copy, and second value just 78 000 copy, sheet is just 38 000 copy - how it will result on market is unknown, but I think that no impact will be seen!

Winter Olympic, Vancouver - Issued on Feb 12, 2010, to celebrate this occasion - nice design, but Olympic emblem really didn't fit at all, but it is not in "hand" of stamp designer, who made good job with this issue. Simple set of 2 value, valued at 1.05 $ - to obtain sheetlet of 8+1 tab I will suggest to all collectors - simple, it is nice to have it in any album, and will worth after year-two, around 25.00 euro in Michel catalogue. Quantity are again 528 000 for 22 din value, and just 78 000 for 50 din value.

Postage Due 1-2010:
Two stamp this time, one for "Street to Children" and second "Roof for Refugee" - in minimal face value of 0.13$ per one - date of issue I don't have in evidence but I see on stamp, that "Street for Children" come from 2009 year, and "Roof for Refugee" are from 2010 year.