Monday, April 19, 2010

5-2010 "Olympic Committee of Serbia":

issued on Feb. 23, 2010, with one single stamp issued to celebrate this occasion, one nice jubilee that no many countries around globe have. Design are little bit more "modern" than need - because many "simple" collectors and ordinary people will visually decide about "worth or worth-not" stamp, and this design have number "100" in very "fragile" manner shown! But - probably other people will like it. Like I told, one stamp, face value low, around 0.30 US$, comfortable for any collector with sport topic.

6-2010 "World Expo Shanghai 2010":

Great! you can not see it well here, because I made just 300 dpi scan, but if You need better scan - just ask me, I will send it to You - on sheet of 10 stamp, You can see great detail of design, visual effect, artist work well done - this issue can be in many topic, starting from architecture to art, artist really made "hard work" for this issue! Issued on Feb 26, 2010, to celebrate World Expo in Shanghai, P. R. of China - and it is 110 yr of first Expo presentation of Serbia! Not bad for one small country - You agree? Here we have set of two stamp, face value of 1.05 US$ also affordable for collectors worldwide - yes, dealer will ask more, even more for sheet of 10 stamp - but, it is just for specialized collectors, who will need more that 20.00$ to buy this sheet of 10. I think - it is worth!

7-2010 "Frederic Chopin":

200 yr of birth, famous, great, and here it stop - what he have common with Serbia? Nothing - but, philately will ask to do it - I, in principle agree - but not "must be" for one country to issue it. Let's see which mistake existed on back of FDC - there is one explanation, that this great man are born in Poland and after that come statement that this first western composer to incorporate Slavic element!!?? Let's be nice - if he is born in Poland, he can not be western composer - he can be just and just eastern composer, say what You want - fact is fact. Single stamp, face value 0.68$ - affordable, but dealer will take more!

8-2010 "Easter":

I like it - every single year they show us nice stamp and nice topic, that fit in "fresque" or "icon" topic. Two stamp in set, nice design, nice work - keep it in collection! face value at 0.93 $ - probably not for investment, but for collection is worth. Issued on March 2, 2010 - hope that Serbian Post will continue with nice design.

9-2010 "160 yr Military academy":

Again one good celebration, not just good but important! Design can fit to "Flag on Stamp", "Coat of Arms", not bad at all design! One stamp, face value of 0.30 $ affordable - I think that it will never reach "important" status in catalogue - but will fit in any serious collection! date of issue is March 18, 2010.

Postage Due 2-2010:

Here I can not say lot, just that it is "Anti-Cancer", like usually every year - no date of issue, and hardly that dealer will give You without 0.50$.

Now I need to go - today is Independence Day of Israel (April 19, 2010 - 62 year of Israel) - and out is great celebration - children will like it and go for joy!