Wednesday, March 30, 2011

20-2010 Davis Cup Winner:

I was waiting for long time to receive this issue from Serbian post - Jugomarka, but in the end, it was impossible to have it directly from distributor. Explanation come that this stamp was sold-out at the day of issue. Here it come some very serious questions about issue alone:

Stamp, FDC - come out from print and are officially available on June 20th, 2010! Final match of Davis Cup was on June 19th, 2010 - can someone from reader explain me - how it was possible to prepare, print, distribute this stamp in so short period of few hours?

By education, I'm printing plant technician - for sure, I know how much time will take, to prepare all work for printing stamp like this. And I think that it is impossible for few hour to made.

Probably "third sense" was in action, and probably, Serbian Posta made all work done, even before final match was finished! They (officials in Serbian Post) take great risk to made all work done before they even know who will be winner?

So - I was in deep trouble like supplier of new issue for this country, but, to my luck, my client understand it well and even agree with option, that this issue can be very well classified like "speculative", because suddenly, someone purchased all quantity printed. By way - printer is ZIN printer - it is Printing Company for paper money production - it is really surprise, because official printer in 2010 was/is FORUM - what happened that Serbian Post made it in ZIN company, I really don't know!

Any way, because no stamp was available - I go to well know internet auction, eBay, and purchased it there from dealer in Serbia. here again come surprise - searching around, analyzing where seller reside, I discovered that all three offered samples, come from Krusevac town in central Serbia! What happened with Belgrade dealers?

In the end, I purchased one sample from each option, and when calculating all together (PayPal fees, Postage, Asked prices) - I come to balance sheet, that say:
m/s of 8 stamp + gutter have tag price of 44.00 e. Great - isn't? Pair set with gutter go to
5.50 e, single stamp for 2.50 e, and FDC have it at 8.00 e.

Serbian people know to say: "Ko voli - nek izvoli" ("Who like it - invited to take it" - in free translation).

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