Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Serbia 2012 - continue:

12-2012 "European Nature Protection - Forest":

Issued on June 1, 2012, with set of 2 stamp. Face value for set is 68.00 Serbian Dinar - not big money in US$, but where is "game"? In stamp of 46.00 dinar - this one is printed in 
quantity of just 25 000.
Someone will say - so what!? Nothing, I will answer - I will be glad to see who will have this set in postally used on/off cover! 

What we have on stamp is Acer heldreichii and Arn. Var. pallasiana - Pinus nigra, two well protected tree in Serbia. On stamp, we can see drawings of tree and leaf, forest - probably good idea, but too small dimension of stamp for this topic. But, if we will ask for bigger stamp - it will be very non practical (something that Bosnian Post made recently, in "Snake" issue).

13-2012 "Olympic - London 2012:"

I really don't like it from beginning of introduction emblem to advertisement of same Olympic Games! It start with logo, that some of critics say it resemble to the word "ZION" instead of 2012, till artist expression of what need to be on the stamp shown.
What we see on stamp? Just Olympic torch and stadium on one stamp, and London famous building and stadium. I ask - and where is some other "Olympic" element like sport?
face value is also not so small for two stamp, it is around 1.40 US$ per set, because popularity of this topic, it will cost much more on market. Quantity printed are little bit more than normal (100 000 for both stamp), and no m/s come out. Like usually - it is sheet of 8 stamp and gutter on middle.

14-2012 "175 year of Cathedral":

Even that it is just single stamp, I can say that nice job made by artist! 
Come out at July 13, 2012, single stamp of really low face value of some quarter of $, that will allow many collectors to have it in collection. Cheaply, nice, popular topic under "religion", low quantity printed (50 000), probably will be sold out very quickly! I don't know who is main dealer that purchase most of quantity directly from Serbian Post, but see: 50 000 x 0.25 = 12 500 US$ for  "all printed" - let's say that 25% Serbian "standing order" customer will have, and next 25% if will go to post branches for regular use - it is  around 6300 US$ that will some dealer/s invest - and start to manipulate market!
Any way, I like design on all three option (stamp, FDC and CM) and can just recommend to all - run and grab!