Saturday, July 12, 2014

2014: second shipment of new issues

6-2014 "EUROPA":

Let's be fair, and say, that this issue and design from Serbia is really best of all countries that I have opportunity to examine! Clear design that tell us visually about National Instrument, National Costumes and places where it is in use. So "clever" design, that we almost "feel" the spirit of country. Not every country made it this time! 
Stamp come to the public on April 28, 2014. Set of 2 stamp with face value of around 1.70 $ per set, but as attractive that will made price little bit higher in shop or from dealer. If You will try to have it with gutter between - You will need to pay some heavy extra money.

7-2014 "Nature Protection":

This time, slightly different format of issue named "Nature Protection", still nice, with two places mentioned on stamp. It is Nature Park Stara Planina and Zaovine. Place where still NATURE is in charge. On stamp, we have also shown Deer, rabbit, Eagles, on salvage of printing sheet is some other animals like Owl, Fox and other. This issue will fit well to the topical collection.
Two stamp in set, face value of 1.25 $, but again, because low quantity printed, and attractive design - for sure will cost almost double of face value in open market. Stamp come to the public on May 22, 2014, keep an eye on it!

8-2014 "Centenary of WWI":

Here it is one very important issue in history, WWI where many countries will issue stamp honoring this 100 years of great tragedy in civilization. What I have in my hands from other countries, all honor victory, or generals, or politicians in this war. Some as winner, and other just as "wrong side" with monarch on it. When I saw this issue from Serbia, I asked myself: "Why to made it so as "shame" and not as "proud"?!
Serbian design is just one artist work, with medals in, but "telling" us just as loser Serbian are, and not as winner in this war! As we know from history, Serbian army have so many causalities, that no other army and country have, country was ruined and industry destroyed, with this facts, my expectation was that Post of Serbia will have an issue as celebrating winning WWI over Austro-Hungary - instead, I can see from stamp, just heroic exodus, heroic losses - no heroic winners! Why?
Stamp come to the public at Jun 24, 2014 as four stamp in set, with face value of 2.00 $ per set. Probably You will find it almost by face value.

9-2014 "Fauna":

One really nice issue, but also "naive" design and art work, that will better fit some "children books" than postage stamp. Why I think so? That was feeling when You look at design. Still really nice and attractive to see, and probably many collectors will wish to have it. Four stamp in set, with face value little bit more than 2.00 $ per set. As usually, printing sheet was made of 5 sets and gutter between that made one whole picture when complete.
Come out to the public on Jun 30, 2014. Showing us Bobcat, Wolf, Wild Cat and Fox.

Postage Due 2-2014:

As usually, serbia have it lot on use, few as now and I see that it come out very frequently. Any single is selling on the market around 1$ per single, where we have it for "Electronic Communication", "Rowing Championship", "Tour de Serbia", "Cancer Fighting", "Church of Sv. Sava" and another one that You will be very surprised:

Mileva Maric Einstein (1875-1948):

As many of us don't know who she is, I will add here link to Wikipedia, ( but will try to explain as simple as can be:
She was wife of Albert Einstein, and according many scientist and other "high" ranking people, Einstein all work are strictly controlled, corrected, approved by her. Mean that without this lady, Albert will never achieve status that have as today. To our sorrow, as Albert was good in science, he was not good as father and husband, abandoning wife and children that resulted in misery of his family.