Saturday, January 10, 2015

2014 - last issues:

18-2014 "Architect - Rossica":

Issued on Nov. 27, 2014 in one very nice format (booklet), celebrating 150 year of Nikolay Krasnov, very important architect that was born in Moscow, and made some capital projects in Belgrade and Serbia, Montenegro.
Booklet have one m/s (2 large stamp in), and set of six stamps, showing us his capital project.
One nice design, with lot of information on it! Face value is not so low, as 314.00 Serbian dinar (3.20 US$) are "high" in Serbia, but for collectors of this topic, it is not big. I don't know quantity printed yet, but Serbia have very low quantity printed, and as many people collect "Rossica" topic - this will be item to keep!

19-2014 "Serbia-Korea":

Here we have "standard" m/s design when see all issues commemorating diplomatic ties Serbia have with other countries. Topical on it range from "Flag on Stamps" to "Icons", "Architecture" and few other. Date of issue is Dec. 3, 2014, with face value of 220.00 Serbian Dinar (2.24 US$) but hardly that someone will sell You by face value, as we know Serbia have very strict quantity printed.

20-2014 "Artist - Painting":

On the market on Dec. 9, 2014, showing us painter Ljubica Cuca Sokic (1914-2009), famous in art colony of Serbia, but also as education person.
Personally, I'm not happy to see this "simple" design, showing us portrait of same author and her work, but it is in "small" dimension for art to be shown!
Face value are really low, of 23.00 Serbian Dinar (0.23 US$), and I'm sure that this stamp will be available from any stamp dealer in Serbia.