Thursday, April 09, 2015

2015 - Beginning of the year:

1-2015 Writer B. Copic:

2015 year start with single stamp, commemorate 100 yr of birth of very popular writer Branko Copic.
Design (as usually for "portrait on Serbian stamps") are, what to say, my opinion is, not something special.
Issue come on market on Jan 27, 2015, single stamp, and due some inflation in Serbia, face value are low, as 0.30 US$.  I think that You will be able to find it "on exchange" base from any collector in Serbia.

2-2015 Lunar Calendar:

This is little better issue than previous, as design in question. We have this topical in some years back, and all are well designed, as also FDC will give You much better picture about.
Must to mention, that You will need some extra money, for this issue, if You wish to keep in collection few option of it, because this is printed with one stamp that have engraver logo "under tail" ("G"), so, keep looking on cover, probability that You will have it are small, but chance exist!
Date: Feb 19, 2015, face value some near 1.00 $ per set of two, keep an eye on it!

Postage due 1-2015 "Hand-to-Hand":

As usually, one simple stamp, for donation to people "without roof" - hardly that collected money will have any impact on people in need, but, this is not our topic.
Date of issue not known, and face value are some 0.08 US$, but hardly that someone will sell it less than 1.00 $ per sample - probability that You will have more success in exchange base are great!

3-2015 Easter:

This is finally one significantly better made than previous years! Great design that reflect all tradition in Serbian Orthodox Church, I like it well, and really recommend to everyone who collect "Religion on Stamp", this is "must have" item!

Two stamps in set, with very affordable face value (less than 1.00 $), FDC cover that is well made, now, how much will dealer/s charge You is good question, but I'm sure that not big bucks need, because of low face value!

Issue go to market on Feb. 25, 2015 - have it soon as You can!

4-2015 Movie/Theater Directors:

One already known topic in Serbian Philately, that, I really don't admire - yes, it is important in every country culture, to celebrate important directors and authors, but to make it in set of 8, You degraded importance of topic alone! 
So, as any one like, this set of 8 have face value of "high" 1.50 to 1.60 US$, than if You decide to go after FDC (4 in set), You will need some 10.00 $ to prepare.
Issue come to market on march 26, 2015.