Saturday, August 01, 2015

11-2015 and up

...after period of silence, for trip in Yugoslavia (Serbia/Voivodina), coming back with few new issue of Serbia:

11-2015 "Radio Show - Good Morning Children":

Nice attempt by Serbian Post, but I can say little bit naive.
It is nice to celebrate 60 years of this radio show, and it is really good way to educate young population (not to talk about result), but design is really "naive", feeling that I have.
Portraits of radio host, birds singing on middle, so...

Issue come on market at June 1, 2015, as it is low face value, You will be able to obtain it on "exchange" base with collectors in Serbia, but to purchase it, prepare around 0.40-0.50 US$ per one sample.

12-2015 "Post of Serbia 175 year":

This is much better designed than previous, with great 175 years in existence of Post in Serbia, so issue are important for history, and education, and celebration!
Set of two value, showing us one stamp with history, and one stamp with modern period, design that can be included in few "Topical" collection as "stamp on Stamp", "Horses", "Buildings"...

Issued on June 5, 2015, in modern quantity, with acceptable face value, but if You wish to have it in sheet of 8+gutter, or also FDC be ready to pay premium.

13-2015 "Art":

Really "Art"? I don't think so, but, not in my power to decide or influence!
Celebrating two artist, with showing us one work of each, but it is far away of topic "Art".
Issued on June 10, 2015, two set value, under $ face value, who like it, will be happy with face value.

2-2015 Postage Due:

As usually, one small dimension stamp, to collect extra money for Sv. Sava Church, which is in process of building for almost 120 years, and still in. I was there before few weeks, this monument will need next 120 years to finish, and yeah, lot of money!
You will probably find this stamp easy in Serbia, with collectors that exchange stamp.