Saturday, January 05, 2019

2018 continue:

8-2018 "Serbian Dictionary":

Here we come with one very important issue for Serbia and history worldwide, as it is talking of 200 years of Serbian dictionary. 
Lot of countries even don't have this life spam, and many even didn't exist before this time.
Can You count me how much countries have this 200 years in existence?
Not many - isn't?
And Serbia, as it is small today, and as all big power wish to see this small Serbia even smaller, have just dictionary made before 200 years.
Yes, it was made by great person - Vuk Stefamovic Karadzic.

Not something in "big" design, or some kind of masterpiece, but one very balanced design, with low face value  (0.22 US$) for single stamp, little bit more for FDC and this sheet of 9 stamps with gutter on middle.

9-2018 "EUROPA  - Bridges":

Very popular issue in all Europe, and this year it come with "Bridges" on topic. Serbia made choice and show us this two beautiful architectural work. It is two new projects, that was made after "big powers" total destruction of bridges around Serbia in last conflict. As Serbian know, and as they are still strong in mind, two bridges are built with great perfection and art!
One is named "Gazelle" (in Belgrade), and second is "Zezeljev" bridge in Novi Sad, combined road and railway bridge, which was originally build in 1961 and demolished by NATO bombing in 1999 (reason for demolition - ask in NATO).

Issued in two stamps in set, with little bit high face value of 1.60 US$ per set, but, You will need little bit more to pay from any supplier. Sheet of 8 and one gutter on middle.

10-2018 "Postal Museum":

One really nice set, showing us items from past, that was used in post offices. perfect design, perfect sheet composition, perfect color choice!
This Post Museum have great 95 year of existence, with all kind of items stored and preserved as time go on.
On this set of 4 stamps we see: postal carriage (made by Carrozzeria Italiana Cesare Sala, Milan, Italy), Inductive headset (Ericsson), Personal telephone of King Peter I Karadjordjevic and Inductive switchboard and Hughes Telegraph device.
On gutter between two stamps we have other items shown from post history.
One of really nice items to have in collection.

Four stamps in set, with 1.80 US$ face value, but "problematic" is this sheet composition, where You have five set (strip format), with five different gutters between two stamps, so if You will wish to have all option than You will need this sheet of five sets, which will cost You little bit more than You expected.

11-2018 "Art - Writers":

Personally, I don't like this design, even as it is talking about "Art" (we, simple people, when hear ART, we have picture of some painting, sculpture, murals.... for sure, not writers), showing us portrait of well know writers in Serbia and worldwide.
Here we have set of six stamp, which will inform us about:
Ivan Sergeyevich Tutgenev
Kosta Trifkovic
Maksim Gorky
Aleksa Santic
Milosh Crnjanski
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

As mentioned, six stamps in set, booklet format, higher face value of 2.80 US$, and two FDC.

12-2018 "European Nature Protection":

Every year this issue are coming to the market, which I really don't like, not because it don't have significance, but because this stamps are more better suited for "Tourism" section and not (as it don't have nothing in connection with actual protection of nature), in "European" frame.
Two stamps in set, showing us beauty of Serbian nature: Waterfalls of Sopotnica and Cerje cave.

From design and work of artist, hardly that You will feel real beauty of this two spot in Serbia, as it is made by artist in little bit "naive" way, but, probably, this stamps will made "click" in Your head, and will result in real sight by yourself.
Two stamps with "middle" face value of 1.70 US$ per set.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

2018 year first quart issues:

First quart of 2018 year come with few nice issues, under topic of:
Judaica, Fauna-Fish, Winter Olympic, Building-Architecture, Theater...

What to say, it is still in nice design, small quantity printed and affordable face value.

From all issues, I can just say, that FAUNA-Fish issue, I think that it can be made much better in design, but CITY issue, even that is it "medium" size format, is little bit "full" of details.
Good is that Carte Maximum was made just perfect,
as topic JUDAICA come to the full light as there are Great Synagogue (famous building) shown.

So, if You collect this topics, go after it!

1-2018 "Serbian Technician Society":

Issued on Feb. 2, 2018. Single stamp.

2-2018 "Winter Olympic":

Feb. 9, 2018, set of two values, but very affordable face value.

3-2018 "Lunar New Year - Dog":

Feb. 14, 2018, set of two values.

4-2018 "Easter":

March 1, 2018, set of two values.

5-2018 "National Theater 150 years":

March 12, 2018, single stamp. One nice design and Carte Maximum even better.

6-2018 "Fauna-Fish":

March 30, 2018, set of two values, sheet of 5 sets with different design, and format of sheet little bit changed from standard issued till now, as before, there was gutter between vertically as full picture. Now they decided to put tabs in low row horizontally as full picture.

7-2018 "Cities of Serbia":

One really good design, with two stamps. Subotica and Kragujevac city shown.
This issue come also as "Judaica" topical because on Subotica stamp, there are shown Grand Synagogue. Carte Maximum show in in really good way!

2018 Standard Issue of:

Set of 8 postage stamps, in small format, with various persons of Serbian history.

Friday, December 22, 2017

2017 End of the year:

Serbia: ...end of 2017 year, with few very interesting Topical.

Stamps that go to:
Art, Fauna, Religion, Icons, ZOO, Horses.... shortly, for everybody - something!
Still very affordable prices in face value, low quantity printed, little or non-exist in really postally used condition, and CTO just "on request".

I think, that only Serbia made it (exit on market) by "clever" way, with small quantity printed (very balanced with subscription quantity and market need).

Croatia made great mistake with AFINSA scandal, Slovenia go on market with "tons" of CTO material, Macedonia have it very wrong with "authorized dealer", Montenegro go badly with foreign dealer and design, Bosnia have it "hard time" with three separated postal entity (Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka = Bosnia and Herzegovina, Herzeg Bosna, Republika Srpska), and Serbian Autonomy of Kosovo go totally "out of order" when they decide to print postage stamps but not under cover from UN (under independent name, no UPU member).

But, in the end - we can say - Happy Collecting!

14-2017 "Museum Exhibition":

Really good issue, with local artist included, May 19, 2017, set of 4 value and gutter on middle. Little bit complicated to collect, as there are five set in sheet, all with different gutter. But face value are affordable, and market will be not more than 3.00-3.50 US$ per set!

15-2017 "Nature Protection":

As usually, Nature Protection come out on market in set of two values, with nice design that include one DUCK! Birds, nature, Water.... all are here. Jun 1, 2017 and again affordable face value.

16-2017 "180 years of GB and Serbia":

It is very interesting issue, that, actually, give us information how much years go, and Serbia have an connection with GB. History say very negative fact about this connection, but 180 and still going is good point to made this postage stamps. June 5, 2017 on market, single stamp.

17-2017 "Air Serbia":

Here we have it! 90 years and Air Serbia still work!
yes, under different names between this period, when still in Yugoslavia it was Yugoslavian Air Transport (JAT),  on the day of establishing it was called AD Aeroput (1927), and till now, under name Air Serbia. 
Say what You want, I like this logo, and design in particular.
August 21, 2017, single stamp.

18-2017 "Ljubicevo Equestrian":

It is not Olympic, but "local" Equestrian games in Ljubicevo. Serbian tradition in horse and sport are long and with tradition, so this happening deserve postage stamp!
September 1, 2017, single stamp.

19-2017 "Joy of Europe":

Good cause that come to life every year, with children evenings on focus.
As usually it is also children drawings shown on postage stamps.
Single stamp, with very complicated sheet composition of 8 stamps and 7 tabs or gutter (how You like to call it), so show me one person that will have all option from sheet in collection.
I think, that it "miss the point" in deciding to made it in this composition!
September 29, 2017, single value.

20-2017 "Icon - King of Serbia The First":

Huh, You know!
Show me country, that have King, 800 year ago!
This is exactly that, about what this issue is talking!
Named after King Stefan Prvovencani, the first-crowned King of Serbia (cca.1165-1228).
Someone want to say that Serbia 'backward state"?
I don't think so!
October 6, 2017, single value with design from Studenica Monastery.

21-2017 "Stamp Day":

Not too much to talk, as this single value teach about postage stamps in Serbia, history...
This time with IRC shown on it, with low face value, October 9, 2017 hit the market!

22-2017 "Christmas":

Another one in Serbian tradition, Christmas that we all celebrate in own way!
So, stamps is just showing us all element from Christmas Table in Serbian family!
FDC much better give picture to me, than stamp alone!
October 2, 2017 on market, set of two stamps.

23-2017 "Art":

Here we have one issue, that come on market just in booklet format. Little bit strange, as I know, that Serbia have it in sheet of 10 or 8+1 tab, but, I have just this information about booklet.
Interesting, that we have here set of six stamps, all showing us "local" important persons that made Serbia known in the world. Obviously, Ivo Andric (1892-1975) is included in this set!
Photographer, painter, poet, lyrics, Nobel Prize winner, educator and architect are shown here!
November 1, 2017, set of six stamps.

24-2017 "Children's Stamps":

Really "Children's Stamps"? Or probably someone mixed it with Belgrade ZOO?
I don't know, but here we have it with Fauna on. 
Not bad made, to be fair, and nice item to be included in collection. 
November 9, 2017.

2-2017 "Postage Due":

Next one single stamp, reprint of previously issued one, design of part from Serbian National costumes.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

9-2017 and up

9-2017 "Cities of Serbia":

Set of three stamps, dated April 13, 2017, will show us three of it. 
Capital of Serbia - Belgrade,
Capital of Serbian Autonomy of Vojvodina - Novi Sad,
Regional city of Nis.
I think, that this set are very good by design, where main element of city are shown in very clear way. (MA Boban Savic, academic painter)
Three stamps, each with under $ face value, will make one very nice item in any collection, as it is represented by few topic in Philately, as History, Architecture, and on FDC and CM even much better visible are fortress of this cities.

10-2017 "Belgrade Marathon":

Single stamp issued on April 21, 2017. Very low face value of 0.23 $, but also in no so very attractive design. On stamp we see runner, bridge of Belgrade, great church of S. Sava and Kalemegdan fortress. 
Belgrade marathon is held for the last thirteen years, and known around world as one of "must be".

11-2017 "Flora":

What to say? Just one really GREAT issue by design! This time, artist (Miroslav Nikolic), made it PERFECT! Clearly visible element of any fruit shown (Pear, Plum, Apple, Walnut), than in very fine balanced colors, You will have feeling that it is almost natural! Sheet composition is as usually, 5 sets in sheet, with gutter on middle of sheet. Face value for set of four are affordable 2.00 $ per set, but in this sheet composition You will need little bit more than 12.00 $ per sheet. Date of issue are April 24, 2017, in full Spring time!
Highly recommended to any collectors of Fauna.

12-2017 "Serbian Literary Cooperative":

One stamp, issued April 28, 2017. celebrating 125 years of this Cooperative, with very nice design. As I'm printing plant technician by profession, I like this initials used on design. Really nice to see also information talking about this Cooperative, which was established in 1892 year.

13-2017 "EUROPA":

As usually, on beginning of May, every year, come to market EUROPA issues. This year, topic was CASTLES, and Serbia made choice of two. One come from city of Smederevo, and second come from Maglič. Even on FDC we have shown one from Monastery Resava. One really complete composition, to show us beauty of Serbia. 
face value are little bit high, for two stamps You will need 1.80 $, and if You chose sheet of eight with gutter on middle, that will cost You more than 22.00 $, so, find best deal with Your stamp dealer, who can make (probably) some better deals than You have on web auctions or eBay.