Wednesday, March 18, 2020

2019 - End of the Year:

19-2019 "Children's Stamp":

As usually at this time (Sep. 9, 2019), Serbia celebrate this "Children's" day, as in field of children and charity work. 
They have it almost hundred year back (first that was organized in Serbia, date to 1919 year), and continue...

Serbia Post, for this occasion, print one set of 4 values, showing us artwork of preschool children from Belgrade.
Set of 4 values, by my opinion, too much, as it will never reach some kind of TOPICAL importance, but face value for full set is 1.00 US$, and printing sheet was made of four sets, which can go little bit expensive for all kind of option (tete-beche) in specialized collection.
Even Scot catalog give it nice starting point for full sett of 4 (Scott #872 a-d, 2.00 US$).

20-2019 "Fresco - White Angel":

One of my most admired Fresco/Icon! White Angel of Monastery Milesheva!

"Let Your light shine before others, that they may see Your good deeds and glorify Your Father in heavens (Matthew 5:16)!

Actually, this issue is dedicated to 800 years of Milesheva Monastery, Serbia.
 Day of issue Sep. 29, 2019, one stamp,  minimal face value of 0.25 US$, stamp with well made design of Monastery and Fresco, FDC and CM also well made, and who collect RELIGION as topic, will have one very nice item there.

21-2019 "Joy of Europe":

Day Sep. 27, 2019, one stamp, Children drawing that come to market every year at this period.
Printing sheet of 8 + 1 label, but in very problematic sheet composition, as there are few option in label position.

22-2019 "Grammar School - Backi Petrovac":

Celebrating great 100 years of Grammar School, in one small city of Backi Petrovac, Serbia is really important matter. Many, really many countries in our small world, don't have history of 100 years, correct?!

One small city (where I'm born), of Backi Petrovac, Serbia, where is also center of SLOVAKIAN nationality living outside Slovakia, keep native language in use, national custom well preserved there. It is really wortyh and important, for country of Serbia, to celebrate this occasion.

One stamp, low face value, good design!

23-2019 "Stamp Day":

Issue that go to "Stamp on Stamp" collection, celebrating 150 years of Postal Card in Serbia.
Oct. 8, 2019, one stamp, minimal face value.

24-2019 "Christmas":

This time, Serbia decided to made one more "liberal" design with two stamp in set, not using icon in stamp design.
What is reason, really don't know, but, probably, it is some kind of "internationalization". I ask this question, because all Christmas stamp, are mostly made of Serbian Orthodox elements, but this time it come with elements of Christmas elements globally.
Not so important in the end, isn't?

Two stamps in set, face value around 1.25 US$ per set.

25-2019 "Filmske Novosti":

It is all about movie and news in movie industry!
75 years of this "journal", which cover all life in film and movie production around globe, Yugoslavia, Serbia.
It is single stamp with label, and on label You can find star like Henry Moore, Iv Montan, Simon Siniore,  writer Desanka Maksimovich, Urosh Predich, or even Ser Lorens Olivie.
On FDC You can see Jospi Broz Tito, and other moment from world history.
Topical collection that will need this issue go from Judaica to Movie, Presidents to Writers.
Day of issue Oct. 21, 2019.

26-2019 "Art in Serbia":

Set of 5 values, printing sheet of 5 + label in booklet format.
Good one design!

Nov. 11, 2019, 5 values in set, face value around 1.25 US$, but hardly that You will have it under 6.00 US$ per booklet.

27-2019 "Important/Famous Persons in Serbia":

Nov. 14, 2019, set of 3 stamps, with face value of near 1.00 US$, showing us archeologist, architect and scientist.
Printing sheet of 10 stamp, for which You will need some 12.00 to 15.00 US$.

28-2019 "Jedinstvo":

It is one stamp issued, Nov. 26, 2019, and issue that say a lot of Serbian people living in territory that have one monumental importance to the Serbian population - Serbian Autonomy of Kosovo!
We have here celebrating 75 years of "Jedinstvo", Informational and Cultural Institution, that was established in Dec. 1944!
So, it was in Serbian language, keeping informed all people that read in Serbian language, about culture and life on this territory.
From beginning, it was monthly newspaper, than go as weekly, and in 1969 be-weekly, till 1977 when it come as daily newspaper. But, in 1999 come NATO agression and editorial staff moved out from Pristina city, because they are expelled and property sized by "new citizens" but "Jedinstvo" continue to print this journal.

29-2019 "Krsna Slava":

It is Serbian tradition, "SLAVA" - celebration of family St. Patron's Day.
Tradition still keep in Serbia and all Serbian people have it!
It is ritual dedicated to a certain Christian  saint, who is believed to be a family's patron saint!
One very nice tradition!
Dec. 12, 2019, one stamp with St. Sava icon shown.

30-2019 "Volleyball Champion":

Serbia have it GREAT, really great in 2019!
Woman and Man European Volleyball Champion!
That is something great in Serbian people, never give up!

Two stamps in set, showing complete team in both selection, face value near 1.00 US$ per one, and one really good design.
Dec. 6, 2019.

Postage Due 2-2019:

Actually, it is NOT postage due, but regular issue in small format, that many people will mixed it with postage due, two stamp issued this time, and one showing us MOST IMPORTANT insect in our planet - BEE!
Second stamp is for Monastery "Zhicha" in Serbia.
Even that it have minimal face value, it will be hard to have it under 1.00 US$ price tag.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

2019 - Continuing:

10-2019  Artistic Dance in Serbia:

To be fair, one good design for booklet pane of 4.
Artistic Dance, we usually call it Ballet, for small country as Serbia is important part of culture and cultural life, so it is very good way to promote it also by Philately.
This issue was released on April 23, with four stamps in set.
This time, Serbian Post decided to celebrate 4 female dancers, that made Serbian ballet great:
Maga Magazinovic (1882-1968),
Smiljana Mandukic (1907-1992),
Jovanka Blagojevic (1931-2015),
and Dusanka Sifnios (1933-2016).

Set is in very favorable, I can say, low face value of under two US$, little bit more You will need for booklet pane with cover, but still under three US$.

11-2019 EUROPA - National Birds:

As usually at this time of year, EUROPA issue come to the light. This year, they chose to made topic under "National Birds", where all countries made design according birds that resides in specific country. 
Serbia have it with design of two birds:

Wallcreeper (Tichodroma muraria), and Squacco Heron (Ardeola ralloides).
I really don't know if this birds can be put as "symbol" of country Serbia, but if they chose it, so, let it be!
Market have it at the date of May 9, Spring in full swing!
Two stamps in set, printed in sheet of 8 stamps and gutter in middle, so You will need little bit more money, if You wish all option of this set, as small sheet, or just set with left, right, up or down gutter attached to set. As face value are somewhere around one and half US$, be prepared to pay premium to stamp shop. If You decided to purchase this set directly from Serbian Post, be very careful, as it can take time and additional charges.

12-2019 Museum Exhibit:

17 May, 2019 mark this issue, and made to celebrate 175 years of the National Museum in Belgrade, Serbia. Two stamps in set, design that we know from the time of Yugoslavia.
Two work shown on stamp:

Simeon Roksandic - The Boy Plucking the Thorn, and 
Auguste Renoir - Bather.

Probably You will need more than expected to pay for this two stamps issue, as it is near two US$ in shop, and follow also FDC, CM and sheet of 8 stamps with gutter on middle.

13-2019 - 800 years of Autocephaly of the Serbian Church:

Yes, very important for Serbia and Orthodox Church, as this 800 years are not something that didn't made history, it is period, that many-many countries on the planet don't have. I can say, that MOST of today "independent" countries, even didn't exist.
Printed at June 13, 2019, with design, my personal opinion, actually ruined this highly important date.
On stamp we can see Zica monastery, St. Sava detail from fresco in Milesheva monastery. 
Artist decided to put this "bird view" of monastery together with fresco, so "eye" effect is "full" of forest surrounding monastery at first.
As is, is. face value of m/s is under one US$, so it is very affordable for collectors of "Religion" as topic.

14-2019 Science in Serbia:

Issued on July 10, 2019, two stamps in set, with important scientist on it!
Svetolik Stevanovic and Auripigment mineral,
Jelenko Mihailovic and Mainka Seismograph.

Design is just fine, and can be put in few topic in Philately.
Sheet of ten stamp format with salvage, good addition to every collection!
Face value, again, under one US$ per set of two.

15-2019 Ljubichevo Equestrian Games:

It is not exactly equestrian games, as we know it from TV, but something like local horse game, but very nice to see it on postage stamp.
Aug. 15, 2019, one stamp, very low face value of less than 0.30 US$.

16-2019 European Nature Protection:

I still don't understand, what is need to made this issues every year, as it didn't help to anyone, and for sure, not to nature!
With poor design, hardly that someone will notice it, also higher than usual face value of little bit more than one US$ per two stamps!
Aug. 20, 2019 issued.

17-2019 Tourism in Serbia:

Issued Aug. 21, 2019, one stamp in, again "confusing" design!
So, they "escaped" from total failure with one FDC and CM, which are much-much better designed!
Single stamp, very low face value, but FDC and CM will take premium.

18-2019 Serbia - Turkey Diplomatic Relations:

Holly Spirit, Turk is coming!
(as other countries "cry" - Russian is coming)
140 years in contact, a lot of Serbian people killed by Turk, from Ottoman Empire time till today (backing Bosnia separation from Yugoslavia, Kosovo separation from Serbia), and still Serbian gov't keep diplomatic ties with Turk.
Strange? Yes, but what we can do! (Serbian will tell).

One very nice design, clearly showing national flag and carpet design.
Single stamp, with low face value under one US$.
Printed in sheet of 8 and one gutter on middle.

Postage Due #1-2019:

This time, three small format stamp made with:

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943),
Milutin Milankovic (1879-1958),
Children security on Internet.

All are very low face value of few cents, but no dealer will keep it in stock, and who have, will not sell it less than one US$ per sample.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

2019 year: Start with:

1-2019 "Year of The Pig":

It is now, an "standard" design for this topic, "New Year" (China), which come, again, in two stamps in set. 
Date of issue are Feb. 5, 2019, with Pig as one of 12 symbols from China Lunar Calendar.
Not lot to say about design alone, as it don't have too much space to explore, but, in the end, it is one nice design with popular topic.
face value are still in low range, and set can be obtained as low as under 2.00 $ price range.

2-2019 "Easter":

This one issue, come with standard set of two, and back to "oval shape" design (that remind us to egg). 
design is very good, with reproduction of  two frescoes from Studenica Monastery. 
Face value is again under 2.00 $, but if You need FDC, that need to prepare little bit more!
Issued on Feb. 21, 2019.

3-2019 "150 years of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi":

Single stamp issue, Feb. 28, 2019, good design, but design of FDC say much more about this great person!
Small sheet composition of 8 stamps with gutter on middle, with symbol on gutter of "charkha", well know symbol of passive resistance.
Single stamp value are 1.41 $, but here You will have another option with gutter attached, and whole sheet of 8 stamps, which will increase value of the same.

4-2019 "Flora - Mushrooms":

Yes, good one issue, for sure, less good than "mushroom" issues we know from post-WWII period, but still good one. 
March 3, 2019, four stamps in set, sheet composition of 4 sets, and this time no gutter involved.
Official name is "Flora - Fungi", but I like to call it mushroom just.
On design, we see: Psilocybe serbica, Tuber petrophilum, Coprinopsis picacea and Octospora pannosa.

Now, as it is very popular topic, and set have four stamps in it, probability that You will need around 3.00 to 4.00 $ in cash to obtain this set. 

5-2019 "50 years of Radio Belgrade":

Not too much to talk, and design in such way, that this issue will be forgotten very quickly.
Single stamp, under 0.50 $ market value, come to the market on March 12, 2019.

6-2019 "100 years of the Assoc. of Drama Artist of Serbia":

Next one issue that will go un-noticed, and again with design that is something between "home work" and "must to made". Here we have luck, because FDC is much better designed.
Single stamp, less than half $ value, and probably available on market!
March 27, 2019.

7-2019 "Doyens of Serbian Acting":

March 27, 2019, 8 stamps in set, very popular actors shown, standard design that we know from past.
Not too much to talk about, except that it is under 5.00 $ market value.

8-2019 "Cities of Serbia":

Oh, I like this design!
Even that design is not so "spectacular", I still like it!
April 11, 2019, two stamps in set, Zrenjanin and Pancevo shown.
FDC and CM available, and 2.50 $ of market value worth.

9-2019 "Fauna - Protected Animals":

Four stamp in set, that come to the market on April 18, 2019, will give very nice addition to Your collection. 
Design very similar to previous issues, with Rupicapra rupicapra balcanica, Ursus arctos, Plecotus marcobullaris, Mustela eversmanii shown here.
FDC have one very nice design and sheet composition of 5 sets with gutter on middle. Gutter again is one "picture" which will just increase market value!
market value, at the moment stay with 3.56 $ per set, but whole sheet of five can go up to 23.00 $.