Saturday, September 16, 2023

2023 - beginning:

 I come with update, little bit late, as cost for delivery around rise too much, so decision is to made delivery twice per year, but any way, we are here!

Till now, Sept. 2023, Serbia made 25 issues, too much for one small country of 9M citizens and with digitalised Post Offices that don't use postage stamps in practice. Yes, postage stamps are valid, but managers see it as wasting workers time to keep in record stock, and applying it in desk, than using hand cancel to mark it, so they decided to use simple labels as proof for payment! Result will be (probably), that really postally  used material on or off cover, will be hard to find and complete in any collection, and find it in specialized collection will ask for a lot of tome and money (patience too)!

I will just show pictures and titles of each issue, because it is too much for now, to describe all information around each issue, generally, You can make calculation how much it can cost, with exchange rate of:

1.00 US$ = 110.00 Serbian Dinar

at this day Sept. 16, 2023.

This rate are for face value, and what I see in major catalogs, that value go for double of face value, but on internet sales, You can find it for 25-50% over face value, plus postage cost and plus payment fee.

So, good luck in finding this material on "exchange" basis!

1-2023 "Njegos":

2-2023 "Serbia-Germany":

3-2023 "Art - N. Petrovic":

4-2023 "Novi Sad - Fair Ground":

5-2023 "Vuk Karadzic":

Probably, this issue need to be mentioned, because sheet composition, which give us one page or really interesting design!

6-2023 "Serbia-Russia":

Important issue? For Serbia - yes! It is 185 years of diplomatic ties, a lot of time, a lot of culture exchange, and a lot of history written by this 185 years!

7-2023 "Easter":

8-2023 "Russian House in Belgrade":

9-2023 "Serbian Military Industry":

10-2023 "City of Nish":

11-2023 "EUROPA":

You know, as last year, this year again, they just miss "the point" with this design!

12-2023 "Stamp Day":

If You collect "Stamp on Stamp", than here it is!

13-2023 "Copernicus":

14-2023 "Mathematics Society":

This design is just perfect, really good job done by artist!

15-2023 "Nature Protection":

16-2023 "Metrology":

Really good design and sheet composition from which we can read and learn!

17-2023 "Hollywood":

You think it is adequate design?

18-2023 "Tesla & Pupin":

Two GREAT Serbian scientist that deserve to be on postage stamps!

They made our living on this small planet much better!

19-2023 "Slovak Settlements":

Really important issue! Slovak come to this place in 1795 - bringing hard work, knowledge, education .... and so on!

20-2023 "Postal Museum":

21-2023 "Mining Journal":

1-2023/3-2023 "Postage Due":

I call this small dimension stamps as postage due, but it is regular issue, that are used in domestic mail, but overseas too. There are Postage Due too!

We have here there issue, one is for "Internet Safety", second go for St. Sava Church and third is really beauty, "Flowers and Fruit"!

Don't think it is low valued on market, probably around one US$ per each stamps, but try to find it by this price - almost impossible!

So, that it is for now, hope, we will continue!

Saturday, March 11, 2023

2022 till end:

If something I don't like, it is 53 issues per year, for one small country as Serbia!

Nothing I can say that go "good", but "other" side thinks different!

So, let's continue this year with number:

30-2022 "Serbia-Italy":

They make this issue for 100 years of MONZA racing field, with one m/s and design of old racing car. Something that will attract collectors I don't see, and face value of 1.00 $ can help something but not really that will boost sale.


single stamp in m/s

31-2022 "100 years Theater AKUD":

Theater is important for country, and if it have 100 years, that say a lot!
Single stamp, half dollar face value, design "as usual"!

32-2022 "Serbia-Azerbaijan":

25 years of relationship, (quarter of time from previous issue - what is life!), one stamp in m/s, one better design showing us architecture in both capital city.
Face value, again, affordable, one dollar per m/s, but shortage on market will be, because it is printed in very small quantity. M/S is numbered, and probability that You will need to pay double face value exist!


33-2022 "Serbia-Portugal":

140 years of diplomatic ties, something that is really important in history of Serbia, and design of this m/s is also good one, not as one previous, but not far behind. What is interesting, is that Serbia is still (in some way, nostalgic for Yugoslavia), keeping "updated" memory for persons who help in good relationship between two countries, so here we have shown Ivo Andric (1892-1975) and Jose Saramago (1922-2010). 

Again, m/s with one stamp, face value of one $.


34-2022 "Serbia-Iran":

Continuing with m/s with two stamps, 85 years of diplomatic ties, and again good design of m/s.

30/09/2022, face value of around two $! Worth? I think, yes!

35-2022 "Joy of Europe":

My opinion is that they need to stop with this topic. Yes, it have tradition, years back in Yugoslavia it was popular for World Children's Day, but today, with modern time running around, design they use is not so attractive. Probably, I'm not correct, I really don't know.

01/10/2022, single stamp of one $ face value, but sheet is very complicated for person who try to complete collection of used Serbia.

36-2022 "L. Tolstoy":

Oh, this issue at this time of all kind anti-Russian propaganda and effort of "west" to erase all of Russian "items" from books, places, streets! Some kind of Serbian "revolt" against this way of forming our future!

I can say just that design can be much better for this important topic, as Tolstoy is one of MUST be in even, fundamental school education, but still not bad design!

Two stamps in set, portrait of L. Tolstoy and Anna Karenina!

Little bit higher face value, sheet composition of 8 stamps will take from You some 20.00 US$ from dealer, but it is worth to have it!

06/10/2022, two stamps in set.

37-2022 "World Post Day":

According design, I was sure, it is something related to Ecology and out "Mother Earth", so can not say it is even "nice" design!

07/10/2022, one stamp in set.

38-2022 "Museum Exhibit":

Good one issue, three stamps in set, sheet composition of 10 stamps, celebrating 75 years of founding of Museum of Voivodina! 

14/10/2022, 1.63 US$ from dealer per set of 3.

39-2022 "Serbia-Denmark":

Back to diplomatic ties topic, and I see that 2022 year is full of it!

This time it is with Denmark, 105 years connected!

One big format stamps, $ face value, 19/10/2022.

40-2022 "Serbia-Angola":

This one issue come for 100 years of birth of Agostinho Neto!

FDC is just PERFECT in design, and probably, this issue will be fast sold out from market, as one m/s with one stamp, but design of m/s include some fauna topic, portrait of late Angola leader which well fit in m/s format. Keep an eye on this issue!

20/10/2022, prepare 2$ for sample from dealer.

41-2022 "Belgrade Fair":

85 years of opening this site, we will agree, that many countries on this small planet even didn't exist 85 years - isn't?

Single stamp, minimal face value of 0.30 US$, well made design!


42-2022 "Serbia-Bangladesh":

What to say, except that Tito and non-Aligned movement is very-very important to mention and keep in memory of Serbian country! On stamp we have portrait of Josip Broz Tito and Sheikh Mudzibur Rahman. So, it is 50 years of diplomatic connection between two countries.

27/10/2022, one $ face value, single stamp.

43-2022 "Hotels Association of Serbia":

Single stamp, minimal value, 90 years of this Association to celebrate, I just don't understand why they put on stamp picture of "Old Building in Arandjelovac" instead of Hotel Moscow?!


44-2022 "Data Center":

Funny design with "eUprava" (eGovernment), where on left-up corner you see "e" and have felling that it is symbol of Euro value!

Single stamps, 0.30 $ face value, 09/11/2022

45-2022 "Dnevnik Publishing House":

80 years in existence, nice design with Novi sad-Petrovaradin fortress on it!


 46-2022 "Qatar 2022":

"Forward Eagles" and "Wictory every time" didn't go well in World Cup, isn't?

So design is too no well made, even, I can say, most worst in few years back!

Nothing worth this $ face value - nothing!


47-2022 Patron Saint's Day":

Cyril and Methodie on this design, single stamp, 25/11/2022.

48-2022 "75 years of Statehood of India":

Important occasion, yes!

Stamp design, I don't like, it is full of yellow color, and just FDC design help to improve "feeling"!

29/11/2022, single stamp.

49-2022 "Serbia-Cuba":

It is to celebrate 120 years of diplomatic relationship - so - celebrate!


50-2022 "Serbia-Tunisia":

65 years of diplomatic relationship, also important occasion!


51-2022 "Serbia-UK-BBC":

Really don't know why they made it (this issue), but probably because 100 years of establishment of BBC. BBC have it in Serbian language, so, probably because it, they made postage stamps.


52-2022 "Serbia-Guatemala":

Like this design, and 140 years of diplomatic connection - really 140!!!


53-2022 "Christmas":

Attractive design - isn't?


53 issues this year, hope that 2023 will be less, as consequences for and from collectors can be "hard-hit" this policy - it is much more than need!