Monday, September 26, 2022

2022 - continuing:

 Here we are again with next issues in 2022 year with few more new issues.

Personally, I don't like this "quantity" of issues, which reach till now 29 this year, and we are just on August, so in next three-four months some more will come.

Why it is "strange" for me? We have a lot of countries that issued a lot, really lot of postage stamps per year!

Yes, but Serbia is modern country, that really don't need to make profit from postage stamps, Post Company is public, and pert is in Gov't ownership, so money is not so big problem.

Probably, management just wish to make "own" income and not thinking or care about "ruined" reputation of "banana" republic.

So, here is next issue:

20-2022 "Rowing":

It is to celebrate 100 years of the Rowing club "Red Star" from Belgrade. 100 years is not small period, and if it deserve to be on postage stamp? Yes, as it is period longer than some countries exist on this small planet! June 06, 2022, interesting design and minimal face value.

21-2022 "Peter the Great":

Seriously? Yes, Serbia and Peter the Great connection? Timing of issue?

June 09, 2022, design from painting of unknown author, Hermitage museum.In sheet composition it is more attractive than on FDC. 

22-2022 "Police Day":

Interesting sheet composition, stamp design is more to say that Serbian Police is here for "helping" people in need than to give message that they are here to protect citizen, but overall it is fine.

June 15, 2022, sheet format of 8 with gutter between.

23-2022 "Belgrade Mosque":

This issue is under name Art & Architecture, Bajraki mosque in Belgrade. Design not bad, really not bad, and with minimal face value, it can be very quickly out from market!

June 20, 2022, standard sheet composition of 8 and one label on middle.

24-2022 "Nature Protection":

Still can not understand why they continue with this issues? It lost the meaning to have it in this way to "help" in Nature Protection, as (probably) money from this issue will not reach "final destination", and more that bothers me is design!!!

June 22, 2022, two stamp in set, standard sheet composition of 8 and one label on middle.

25-2022 "Telecom Serbia":

If it was "private" issue, than I will agree, but it is not! Company as company, 25 years in existence, providing connection between people. Nothing special I see here to deserve stamp as memorializing this topic.

June 29, 2022, one stamp, simple design, minimal face value.

26-2022 "Serbia - Algeria":

I don't have information if it is "Joint issue" or not, but it come out to the market for 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties. To be fair, it is one very good design, really good as in color composition, elements shown, fruit of "nation" on label. Sheet composition of 6 stamps and gutter on between which give "beauty" to this issue. Wirth to have it even that face value are little bit higher than minimal.

July 04, 2022.

27-2022 "Prominent Serbs":

Say what You want, but it is little bit as "stickers" and less as postage stamps!

July 07, 2022, six stamps in set, hardly that people will "run" to obtain it!

28-2022 "Air Serbia":

95 years of flying! Really great achievement at this "turbulent" time where Air Companies go down every single day! Design is just perfect with logo of company from beginning till today, color choice just fit in topic. Keep an eye on this issue!

July 08, 2022, sheet composition as usually 8 with label on middle!

29-2022 "Dragan Dz'ajic":

Strange? Yes, very strange to issue stamp for one football player, he is "prominent"? Yes, but not more and not less than other football players in Serbia, and in Yugoslavia where he grow to the name he have today. We will see what will be with this issue, but if it will be as with "Djokovic" issue, than it will dissapear from market very quickly!

Aug. 02, 2022, single stamp and Red Star!!!

So, that is it for now. Hope that we will continue!

Friday, July 22, 2022

2022 - Start:

 So, here we are in beginning with 2022 year, and not something that I'm happy to see!

It is just half year and Serbia Post decided to made around 20 issues, half year only!

It is, as I see, decision to made it in quantity, so to fill income. Even that most are under "low face value", but with quantity it will fill some "frame" in income.

I don't think it is right way in Philately! 

As quantity go up, I will just show picture of all (till now) issued, because it lookalike, will take more time now to describe all in detail or just "short" description.

Take in mind, that exchange rate as today, for local currency (Serbian Dinar) against US$ is:

1.00 US$ = 115.52 Serbian Dinar

so it will be easy for You to find face value of each stamps or set.

Of course, face value is NOT price that You will actually pay, even if You will go for purchase directly from Postal Authority of Serbia, there are additional charge applied to final bill.

Than, if You go for purchase on eBay or other web site/auction, new issue will cost You probably, twice face value plus shipping fees. Even if seller will offer free delivery, it will be probably just for more higher balance sheet. 

Some people say, that they obtain new issues on "exchange" base, which is nice, but not for face value, because You will need to pay postage cost for delivery of Your material, than cost of material You send and not talking about Your time spending in Post Office.

If You noticed, I describe some issues under name "Postage Due", even that there are some small dimension REGULAR issue, ( regular and commemorative postage stamps), it is not all in this category Postage due!

Let's start:

1-2022 "Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture":

2-2022 "FEST - 50 years":

3-2022 "24th winter Olympic - Beijing 2022":

4-2022 "Statehood Day - Serbia":

5-2022 "100 years of NIP Borba":

6-2022 "85th years of STUDENT magazine":

7-2022 "115th years of Petar Lubarda birth":

For this issue, I must to say, that I'm very dissapointed how artist made this design, in some poor quality,that is giving "feeling" that artist simply don't understand basic typography principles!

All who know Petar Lubarda know that his art work are full of colors, can say, heavy colors, so You, as artist that made proposals for stamp design, know which effect will be in the case when same "full color" are in background of postage stamp too! Now, we have one hardly visible image of Lubarda work.

Will someone here recognize Taurus and Scorpio, on this two "full red" stamp design?

It will be "hard task" to see it on first glance, but if it was made, as with white frame, than full visibility will appear!

8-2022 "International Woman's Day":

Here I admit! It is one better design and very interesting printing sheet combination!

9-2022 "140 years of Serbia and Japan diplomatic ties":

10-2022 "Serbia - Morocco Joint Issue":

11-2022 "Nikola Tesla":

12-2022 "Easter":

13-2022 "Flora":

14-2022 "Basketball Club Partizan - 30 years of winning Cup":

15-2022 "Serbian Army Day":

16-2022 "Institution in Serbia":

17-2022 "EUROPA 2022":

...against one disappointment in design! Yes, it is EUROPA issue under name of  "Stories and Myths", so they made it with folk tale of "Drekavac" (a being that, at night, rides on a man's back, until the man is exhausted), but - BUT! Can You find this being on this postage stamps?

18-2022 "Philately Day":

19-2022 "Belgrade Marathon":

1-2022 Postage Due:

...we will continue, at the moment when new issue reach my desk!


Saturday, April 09, 2022

2021 ...till end of the year:

 34-2021 "World Writers":

Here we have one good design, relatively important topic, it is writers that changed our life!

Set of 4 values, showing us four writers:

Fyodor Dostroevsky (1821-1881),

Stanislav Lem (1921-2006),

Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941),

Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867).

Date of issue Dec. 1, 2021, as I mention, four stamp in set, booklet format.

Face value are little bit high for domestic use, some 3.00 US$, but as Serbia have small quantity printed, probably, this issue will be hard to have on exchange base with other collectors.

Here we have topic as "Science Fiction", "Judaica" too.

35-2021 "Serbia-Germany Artist":

Kill me if I know, what is a need for this issue!

In description on FDC is written:

"...deep connection of Serbia and Germany..."

Serious? WWI, WWII, civil war in Yugoslavia ..... they call it "deep connection"?

One of shown artist, even serve during WWII in German army!

Any way, we have here set of two, showing us

Joseph Beuys (1921-1986),

Dimitrije Basicevic Mangelos (1921-1987).

Issue come to the market on Nov. 23, 2021.

36-2021 "Museums":

Nov. 24, 2021, set of two, we have it here Museum in Pozarevac and Belgrade.
This one from Pozarevac intrigued me, because on FDC and on tab attached on stamp is shown stone with Orthodox Symbol used from Roman Empire time, which I can find on some Russian issues too.

Again, set of two, this time with low face value, but nice design. Sheet composition is again "problematic", because there are 5 sets with gutter on middle, each gutter different from other.

37-2021 "Christmas":

Nov. 26, 2021, two stamps in set, with some kind of "modern" design, which I don't prefer for Christmas time, no, no....
Christmas have this special mark on our life, no matter on which religion, and need to be celebrated with some "classic" pictures or drawings. Yes, it is my opinion only!

38-2021 "Communist Party of P. R. of China":

Here, we have an interesting issue from Serbia, for which, many people ask what is a need for it!
To be fair, it is one or some kind of support for China, and it deserve to be memorialized on postage stamps.
Than come Serbia long relationship with P. R. of China, which resulted in big investment in Serbia, support from this country is not small.
Nov. 29, 2021, sheet format of three stamp and three tabs, in "hard" red color.
I can not say, that artist effort made a point in design.

39-2021 "Serbia - UAE - 50 years connection":

Nice, really nice design of sheet of two!
Dec. 2, 2021, sheet format which have this birds as symbol of two countries, Eagle and Falcon!

40-2021 "Stefan Nemanjic Monument":

All fuss regarding this monument shown in this issue!
I don't see so attractive, or even not near the Mes'trovic' level.
But, here we have it and that it is!

Dec. 3, 2021, single stamp, low face value.

41-2021 "Journalist Association":

From first sight, You will think that it is some ad for phone, than you can discover that it is 1881 year there which is year of forming Journalist Association of Serbia.
Design missed it!

Dec. 7, 2021, single stamp.

42-2021 "Red Star F. C.":

Nooooooooo, this is really "speed home work" design - no, it is disaster in stamp design!
Topic is "on place", as Red Star F. C. have great history, tradition and is doing good job in sport, but to make design in this way is naive!

Dec. 8, 2021, set of two stamps.

43-2021 "Personalities":

In short period, Serbia decide to commemorate a lot of people, writers and artist, this time with:

Dobrica Cosic (1921-2014),
Branko Pesic (1921-2006),
Stanislav Vinaver (1891-1955),
Jovan Ducic (1874-1943).

Dec. 10, 2021, four stamp in set.

44-2021 "Ivo Andric - Nobel Prize":

Yes, he finally deserve it to be as much as can be, memorialized on postage stamp!
Serbia have it few time, Yugoslavia too, Republika Srpska also!
Single stamp, showing us portrait of Ivo, with "his" Bridge over Drina river!
And You can put it in "Masons" topical, as Ivo Andric was part of this.

Dec. 10, 2021, single stamp!

45-2021 "Postal Saving Bank":

It is to celebrate 100 years of this Bank, and it is tradition, really big tradition!
I like it, as design as to celebrate this hundred years of great achievement!
Nov. 30, 2021, single stamp!

46-2021 "Serbia - Kazakhstan":

25 years of relationship, not long period, but good ties.
Sheet format, with good design, probably You will like it!

Dec. 10, 2021, sheet of two.

47-2021 "Novak Djokovic - #1":

I think, that this issue come under pressure from somewhere, and it resulted in shortage on market. There come rumors, that someone purchased all quantity that was available to the public, and now have it manipulated on market. Subscribers receive all quantity, but because low face value, which give opportunity for someone, to purchase all available on market.
Two stamps in set, with face value of 60.00 dinar, which is less than half $, with low quantity printed, every, even middle level stamp dealer, can buy it all!
Market react fast, and now, who have it, is not willing to exchange it at all, and other just ask 100.00 $ per sample!
Will You pay it?

Dec. 16, 2021, sheet of two format, not so great design.

This is all for this 2021 year! 47 issues (even more if You count Postage Due stamp), 132 postage stamps, actually, Serbia Post made one wrong decision. they go for more issues and keep low quantity, for simple reason to reach some "frame" for income. I don't like it, as we all know, that today, postage stamp is not (mostly) used in as payment to send mail.
So, keep all You have on cover, and wait for some period - it will have value!