Saturday, September 23, 2006

Serbia #3, FDC and set, in sheetlet of 8+1 tab format, it is to commemorate winning champ for water pollo, Serbia took gold medal.
I think that it is really nice design for "sport" topic, and regarding small quantity printed, it will be worth to keep in possession.

Serbia #2 "Mishanska fight", FDC and single Posted by Picasa

Serbia #1, "Coat of arms and Flag" Posted by Picasa
Serbia (new independent) issue:

Just because of some comments that I received, I must say, that ALL prices for new issue, that appear in, are prices of dealer/s at the day of issue - with time, this prices, usually come down, and every dealer will reduce it according own interest.

I will try to post pictures new issue from Serbia, and according my supplier, it is continuing issue policy from Serbia and Montenegro.
Printing house will stay same, and author and other technical detail will be in use like before.
They will be listed in continuity for Yugoslavia = Serbia and Montenegro = Serbia.

Good new is just that they keep it in small quantity issue, just to satisfy philatelist subscription need, and minor supply for post office curiosity, because in all post branches they use automatic labels - yes - it will result in less used material on market, and like what we have case with German Occupation period of Serbia, it will have high value in catalog - I think, and suggest to all collectors, keep Your stock up to date.