Friday, December 21, 2007

30 and 31-2007 - this is final, last issue in 2007 year, and they made it in joint with Romania. I don't know if it will be and expanding topic from Serbian Post, but it is named "Port and Ships of Danube River", because Danube go around many countries, it have an open possibility to made every year one issue with this topic.

I think that s/s from this issue are good , but set is little bit "small detailed", missing something, I don't know what, but have it feeling that it miss something!

We have here some option from dealer regarding this issue, where set of 2 value will cost us 2.26 $, FDC is 3.26 $, sheet of ten identical stamp (2 pcs) will be worth 22.60 $, s/s from this issue, with ship topical collector interest will cost 4.00 $, and one great design from FDC Romania issue, with both stamp (Serbian and Romanian) attached on it will go for 8.00 $.

125 yr of Serbia-Japan relations:

Here is nice topic for collectors with personalities topic, king topic etc - it is issued with pictures of Milan I. Obrenovic (Serbia) and Meidji (Japan) - standard issue, nice in design - worth to buy.

Single stamp is selling for 1.66 euro, and sheet of 8+1 tab is selling for 15.00 euro.

28-2007 is for "Christmas", and again they made one poor issue, with stamp full of colors, without clear-cut picture, and hardly that someone will recognize this stamp like something worth to look! Set of 2 value will take from You 2.26 $, and FDC will go for 3.26 $.

29-2007 finally some light on design, and they made it well! Celebrating 50 year of launching SSSR's satellite "Sputnik", Serbian Post made one good design, with visible element, and I think worth to purchase it.

Single stamp will cost You 2.20 $, sheet of 10 identical stamp 22.20 $, FDC 3.80 $ - again, I think that even sheet of 10 will be worth to purchase.

Postage Due 5-2007

I really don't know why Serbian Post allow to himself to made such kind of ugly stamp and quality! First it issued "Children's week" in two technique, perforated and self-adhesive. Perforated is "so-so" but self-adhesive is really without any comment! No visible picture, full of "kish-kush" and no bright color! No - I don't think that someone will purchase it, and even prices are not so low, face is about 1.00 $ and dealer will ask 1.50 $ per one stamp.

25-2007 issue that are named "120 yr of Astronomic Observatory" - really nice tradition is small Serbia, almost 120 year, many country even didn't existed for this period and small Serbian have one Observatory and interest in astronomy - GREAT!

Design is not something special for this occasion, but acceptable, and one single stamp issued for it, will cost around 0.56 $ from dealer, FDC will go for 2.50 $, and sheet of 10 identical stamp will cost hefty 14.00 $.

26-2007 issued for "Stamp Day" and will suited stamp-on-stamp collectors, typical design, with no special printing, just too much yellow color in use. Dealer will ask for single stamp 1.30 $ and FDC will go for 2.79 $.

27-2007 here we come to one question: What for Serbian Post issue one set to celebrate Frida Calo artist/painter??? Except that she was an leftist and late President Tito liked her well, I don't think that something other reason existed to give her an place on Serbian stamp.

Set of 3 value, dealer will ask 3.20 $, FDC will be priced on 6.20 $ and sheet of 10 stamp each will take from You 32.00 $.

Postage due 6-2007: last in this year, that is issued with slogan "Mozes i ti" (You also can do it) - initiated by Vlade Divac, this n-profit organization is for donate money for house that will be given to refugee from Kosovo. Standard face value of 10.00 dinar, and selling for 0.36 euro. This will also be fine for collectors of basketball topic, because on draving is basketball player.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Postage Due #4-2007, for "Red Cross" in Serbia - nothing to talk, but symbol is correct.

Prices simply 0.40 euro (for beginning).

#24-2007 like every single year, Serbia issue topic for Joy of Europe" it start in 1969, and still have tradition. Issued on Sep 28, 2007, with again , stamp full of color - red, red blue, in full color! I really don't know if it is children's drawing, but if Yes, graphic author need to made some "fine" correction - here it is no case.

Single stamp, two children, happiness, simple, standard issue.

Single stamp will ask for 1.60 euro, sheet of 8+1 tab = 15.00 euro, and FDC just 2.70 euro.

#23-2007 - Archeology, Cultural Heritage, Museum Exhibit - all this math this issue, nice design, issued on Sep 21, 2007, with UNESCO protected sites, two stamp in set, sheet again 8+1 tab, not bad at all. Prices - single = 3.50 euro, sheet of 9+1 = 30.00 euro (yes - this time they issued sheet of 9 stamps + tab, twoo sheet in set), FDC just 4.50 euro.

#22-2007, is for International day - Ozone Protection: I really don't like it! FDC so full of red and yellow colour, with stamp design telling us, rise hand for protection against sun, no-no-no, wrong choice for important topic!

Issued on Sept 17, 2007, Forum printer, and it is all what I can say. Prices like usually - single = 0.70 euro, sheet of 8+1 = 7.00 euro, FDC = 2.00 euro.

#21-2007 - joint issue with Austria, commemorating Danube fauna - White tailed Eagle.

Something that are really nice, from design to printing and first day cancel! Here are shown two FDC, one just from Serbia, and second is dual, stamp from Serbia and also Austria, with picture on FDC from panoramic wiev of Danube and map - something that must be included in every collection.

I don't know, if all FDC are made with dual country stamp, or just with single country, or both at moment, but it is fine product. Yes - difference in printing are visible, it is printed in Austria, and day of issue are Sept 7, 2007.

Prices in retail store are also high, for single need to pay 1.60 euro, single with tab, like usually twice, 3.20 euro, for FDC (just Serbian) - 2.50 euro, and dual FDC (alone) will cost You high 5.00 euro. And mortar blow will come from sheet of 8+1 tab on middle, for which You need 15.00 euro.

#20-2007 will go to Monastery, it celebrated 600 year from the construction of Kalenic monastery. Graphic designer is also from Belgrade, Skocajic, and if we analyze FDC design, it is in one standard design. Stamp alone is not so perfect, simple picture, from long distance and nothing else. But, here come sheet of 22 stamp and 3 tabs - here overall picture come to much better position. tab have one ornament, and two frescoes. Hard time for collectors!

Prices are also in range, for single, purchase from dealer, need 0.70 euro, single with tab will cost twice 1.40 euro, complete sheet will take 15.00 euro, and FDC just 1.50 euro.

Friday, September 14, 2007

#17, 18 and 19 in 2007:

It is really nice to see that Serbia come again with one really nice issue! This one (#17) is for Great Scientists, issued July 10, 2007, and have portrait of:

Giuseppe Occhialini (1907-1993) who is know in cosmic radiation field,

William T. Kelvin of Largs (1824-1907) - Kelvin scale, thermodynamics, electro statics, etc,

Dmitrij I. Mendeleev (1834-1907) - Periodic law, Periodic table, Gallium.

Just to mention, that for this three great person, something is common, one is born on 1907 yr, and two died in same, 1907 year!

Design are great! Jaksa Vlahovic from Belgrade made it nice - and, sheetlet of 10 stamp is perfect.

Three stamp in set, total 132 Serbian dinar face value (less than 2.00 euro), mean affordable for most collectors, FDC with "fine" design that will be perfect for topical collectors.

#18 is reprint issue of #1, Coat of Arms, difference is not so visible between first print and this one reprint, because no correction are made on design, not on year mark or else. Collectors will be confused - I see difference on quality printing (first issue are bright, clear printing) this reprint are less bright, and on different paper and glue!

Face value 20 dinar (around 0.24 euro).

#19 come for Art/Paiting person Petar Lubarda, 100 yr of. To be fair, not something that I like (design), but for sure, one issue that this artist deserve. Issued on July 27, 2007, designed by Mr M. Kalezic, Belgrade. Face value of 20 dinar (0.24 euro) - simple affordable.

By way - I received today Scott Stamp Monthly magazine, and loking on year stamp, cost by countries, where is stated that Serbia (independent) have in 2006 issued 21 stamp, face value 981.00 dinar (11.67 euro) and catalog (Scott) value of 31.45 US$.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

15-2007: EYOF - Sport:

This nice issue come to IX European Youth Olympic Festival held in Belgrade-Serbia, issued on June 20, 2007, with nice FDC design and numbered block of 2 stamp.

Graphic designer come from Belgrade (Nadezda Skochajich), that made one good job.

Block have 2 stamps face value 2x46 dinar, and dealer are selling it for around 1.50 euro.

16-2007: Equestrian Sport - Horses:
One really "on center" issue, commemorating this sport, issued on June 28, 2007, designer Ana Kostic from Belgrade, set of 4 value + tab on middle, "hard" items for standard collectors because they will need all 5 set in sheet to complete tab picture. Serbia issue this format for long period, and it is difficulty for any collectors to have all issue in this format. Yes - they have prices in catalog, but far away from even face value needed to pay on day of issue.
Set alone is not so expensive, around 3.00 euro without tab on middle, but if You will need complete strip of 4+tab, it will rise to 6.00 euro per set. For full sheet of 5 set that mean 30.00 euro, not small money for new issue! FDC will go to full 6.00 euro.

Friday, July 13, 2007

To start this chapter -need really be "fine tuned" because too much politics are involved in this topic.

Because I'm not of this kind people, I will say what I mean, even if it will offend some one's feeling.

I will start with two illegal issue, in principle - same way that Kossovo start to issue own postage stamp. From start, little bit history:

Like everyone educated, know well, that Kossovo are/is/will be SERBIAN territory, and after Yugoslavian civil war, Kossovo start to fight, by terrorist way, for independence that resulted in bombing Serbia by USA, NATO, EU forces - not clear why, but it happen - probably too much money are involved (rumors about Ahtisari, Allbright, Clinton and other corporation).

Finishing this bombing with installation of UN Administration over Kossovo (UNMIK), which give (without any coordination with Serbian authority) "green light" to issue postage stamp with Kossovo inscription. Because Kossovo are not recognized by UPU, stamp are classified in UN-Kossovo.

Illegal issue like this Dinosaurs set, Princess Diana, Cat, Europa, Sportist, Pamella Parker, Nature and other topic, start to pop-up on market from 1997, 2000 and continue till today, Kossovo are most affordable for all kind of manipulators and "private" editors of this stamp, for simple reason, that NO any kind of order existed on this Autonomy - UN are unable, and in most cases corrupt to stop this illegal activity, and also more criminal activity in other sphere.

Where is printed this issue, who, how, no-one know, but it can be delivered like 50:50 if focused on nationality. Some issue can be "good" for Serbian part of Kossovo, and other for Muslim part (Albanian, better to define it). There where is topic like Monastery, Kossovo fight, Target - all this topic can be good for Serbian market, and there where is an topic Clinton, Charles, Diana - can go to Albanian market, we know why!
From beginning (year 2000 and 2001) face value are inscribed in DMark, and after it in Euros, and first set (officially issued) is from March 15, 2000 year, set of 5 value, face value of 4.00 DMark, and Michel number 1-5, topic "Historic - Archeology", printed in Austria and market value it around 8.00-10.00 euro.

Next issue come on November 12, 2001, with topic of "Children Painting", Michel numbered is 6-10, face value 4.00 DMark, but in dual nominal inscribed, also in Euro, no printer stated, and market value is around 26.00 euros.
Third issue come out on May 2, 2002 - same topic like previous, "Children Painting" and same design like previous, just face value are now in euros. Michel numbered it 11-15, and market will say around 10.00 euro per set. Again, printed not stated.
Quantity for this issue, more speculative types, imperforated, shifted perforation, color shifting - all this "errors" are available on market, but what is rare is really traveled mail from there.
In photos, You will find some samples of cover and post card delivered from Kosovska Mitrovica (Serbian part) and also from Kosovo but with Serbian postage attached!!!!! This few samples, will be worth investment, because rarity and because we see from it, that on Kossovo soil with UNMIK on spot, is possible to use also Serbian stamp, use SERBIAN post (like need to be - by way), and that UN Force are there just to protect criminal structure on this soil.

And here we come with some Scott catalog update - for this autonomy, I see that listing are for 2006 year, where have an issue 21 Sept. 2006 of International Peace Day (funny-tragicomedy for this issue), showing Rugova signing "peace" document with ALBANIAN flag behind(????? Albanian on Serbian territory - really "chutzpa"), Scott numbered it #58, valued on 7.50$, but I don't believe that You will find it less than 7.50 euro!

Next is Scott #59-62, set and s/s, of 4 value, Ancient coins that show some Roman Empire coin (again some illogical theme), same catalog value for s/s - 7.50 $, and for set it come to 3.75$.

and last what I see are for Sculpture issue in same 2006 year, Dec. 1, Scott number 63, and valued 7.50$.

Again - it will be hard to find it by this prices (in US$) - because on soil of Kossovo, today is valid (officially) Serbian Dinar, but Muslim there use just euro, when someone offer US$ they didn't react.
(will continue)

Friday, July 06, 2007

#13-2007: Really one nice issue, design and I think that they "hit the point", "Easter"!

Everything is done properly, color combination, design, frame, all perfect! Two value issued on March 1, 2007, low face value where set of two can go for 1.20-1.80 euro, and FDC for 2.80-3.00 euro. This set can satisfy few topics, and for sure, world serious collectors will run for.

#14-2007: is to celebrate "Serbia Phila XIV" - Philatelic Exhibition, and issued just in sheet of two stamp, well designed, and can go to "fresque - icons" or "castle" topic, nice color choose, and well designed. Block can go for minimum 1.80 euro.
postage due 3-2007: with one stamp for "roses" design and one for "fighting cancer" with low value, but this two stamp will cost You minimum 1.00 euro.

#10-2007: Like many countries around globe, Serbia this year participated with WWF issue of protected animals, woodpicker, nice design, 4 value set plis one tab on middle, aditional expenses for collectors if want all tabs included in collection, because this sheet is from 5 set, with tab on middle composing one complete picture. Date of issue is April 18, 2007, and set alone can reach 3-4.00 euro (without tab, and strip with tab even more), FDC go for 4.00 euro, and sheet of 5 set absolutely will go for 30-40.00 euro.

#11-2007: commemorating "Table Tennis" issued March 23, 2007, to celebrate European Table Tennis Championship held in Belgrade, and issued in single stamp plus sheet (block) together, where prices for both will reach 2.50+ euro, and FDC can be sold for 4.00 euro, but sheet of 8 plus tab can be high as 15.00 euro.

#12-2007: standard issue for "Nature Protection" (even that Serbia is rapidly cutting forest, for sale on German market), two value set, design with too much color and detail, I personally don't like it, and think that Serbia Post can donate money to Nature Protection Offices, instead of printing this issue. Set of two value, issued on April 20, 2007, set can sell for 2.00 euro, and FDC can reach 3.50 euro, but sheet of 8+tab will have good prices of around 18.00 euro.

Postage due #2-2007,
is continuing in this year with Red Cross topic (I'm not common why they used "wheel" in design?) and one with Sveti Sava image, not "big" in face value just over 30.00 US cent, but from dealer it will be available for 0.75 US$ this two stamp.

#6-2007: After this come new issue commemorating "Europa - Scouting" that is one of better design in past period that I saw. Even that it is common issue in europe soil, I thinks that Serbia made one nice effort in design. Issued on May 3, 2007, with printing combination for set alone, booklet format, and sheet of 8 plus one tab on middle, it will cost collectors for set of 2v = 1.50 euro, booklet will go for 8.00 euro, sheet will reach maximum 20.00 euro and FDC will go for 3.00 euro.

#7-2007: named "75 year from fly of Amelia Erhart over atlantic" I will shortened it to "Aviation" issued on May 21, 2007, is also issued in this combination, but without booklet, and prices can go for set 1 v = 0.75 euro, Carte Maximum can reach 3.00 euro, FDC = 2.00 euro, and sheet of 8+1 tab = 9-12.00 euro.

#8-2007: come for "Serbian chairmanship of the Council of Europe", issued on May 10, 2007 - even that I don't like to mix politic with philately, I think that this is one strictly political issue, where EU made one "double standard" (same like other countries and UN) - stamp is issued to commemorate chairmanship of European Council, (same Europe that bombed and sanctioned same country Serbia, and now - it look like this way - want to "soften" Serbia and take out 15% of territory) where issued/commemorated with one stamp, valued 20.00 Serbian Dinar. Single will reach 0.75 euro, and FDC will go for 2.25 euro. Issue is good for "map" topic.

#9-2007: named after "Personalities", with commemorating two great writers, politics and more. It is one for 200 years of Dositej Obradovic in Serbia (date of issue is May 28, 2007), and second is for 50 years of Zmaj Children Games (date of issue is Jun 1, 2007), booth FDC is in standard design, not something that collectors will "ran for", and set of 2v will sell for 0.80-1.00 euro, and FDC can go for 4.00-5.00 euro (2 pcs).

Friday, June 01, 2007

Serbia - Scott catalog update:

Finally, received Scott update for Serbia (issue July 2007, page 80), and see that Scott continue numbering with Serbia and Montenegro - what we see, first issue from Serbia (after breakup with Montenegro) according Scott is:

"Battle of Mishar", 2006, June 30 and valued at 1.40$, number 348,

"Flag and Coat of Arms", same date of issue, 2 value, set = 1.10$, number 349/350,

"Water Polo Champ" issue, 2006, Sept. 1 valued at 1.40$, number 351,

"Gold Medal Water Polo Champ", 2006, Sept. 13 valued 1.40$, number 352,

"Joy of Europe" set of 2, 2006, Sept. 29 valued at 3.75$, number 353/354,

"Monastery" single 8d face value, 2006, Oct. 7 go for 0.25$, number 355,

"Stamp Day" of 'stamp on stamp' topic, 2006, Oct. 24 go for 1.50$, number 356,

"Bridal Jewelry - Museum" 2006, Oct. 30 valued for set of 4+tab 4.00$, number 357a-d,

"Atelie 212 Theater" 2006, Nov. 10 single is 1.60$ number 358,

"Mozart and Rembrandt" 2006, Nov.16 set is 3.20$ number 359/360,

"Christmas" set of 2, 2006, Nov. 20, valued 2.15$, number 361/362,

"New Year" issue, 2006, Dec. 1 go for 1.60$, number 363,

"UNICEF" single, 2006, Dec. 11 go for 0.55$, number 364,

"200 yr. Belgrade Liberation" 2006, Dec. 13 go for 0.55$, number 365.

What to say about prices that Scott mention is just that it is little bit under priced against Michel prices, and according present market value - it will be hard to buy this material even with full Scott catalog value! I thing that it is common for new issue, that Scott give "low" starting position for material that is mostly dominant in Europe, yes - it is right from beginning, but what we learned from past, and especially with SERBIA from occupation period, and before - they also have "low" starting position, which resulted in shortage on market. Today, it is hard to complete collection!!!!

Time will say - but I personally have an bad experience, and was pressured to pay much more than catalogue value for some items, just to complete collection.

My opinion is simple - keep to invest in Serbia, not all but some items (don't forget about sheetlets of 8+tab, 5 with tab on middle) will be valuable, and some will be extreme to find, like usually, some items will never recover even basic investment (too much printed).

To the future - I will try to update numbers on this page, as Scott will publish it on magazine (and if they will allow me for it) hope that some items will receive good starting prices, and we will see (with God help, and if health will allow) if I was right regarding prices.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Serbia German Occupation Michel #94-98:

Issued on 15 October 1943, to commemorate 100 year of Serbian Post, one nice issue, good topic (Train, Post, Air Mail), and in quantity of 250 000 sets.

On picture You can see one sheet of 20 stamp (4 set) + 4 tab, that mean - just 62 500 sheet was printed. Again, if we take in account war, quality of glue, time passed, and quantity sold abroad - we come to situation where You will be unable to buy it easy on market.

I noticed it in last year and half on eBay, maybe one or two time offered, and last time I saw that asking prices start too high.

What is asking in Michel prices from 2004/2005 year edition is 7.50 euro for mint and 25.00 euro for used set. Sheet is not stated by prices, it is just mentioned in Michel catalog, but SFK catalog have it more affordable prices, set is stated for mint 3.50 euro and used go for 15.00 euro.

Sheet on SFK catalog have asked prices for 20.00 mint and 55.00 euro for used condition, and here we have little bit better prices for same set on cover originally canceled will go for 20.00 euro.

Just to mention, that this period material, like others from occupation period - BUY JUST FROM TRUSTED SUPPLIER in used condition, or better - pay for certificate, and You will have it used original.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

1847 & 1848 year Pre-philately mail cover:

Like what we know, pre-philately in Serbia start on May 25, 1840 year, when was opened first post station in Belgrade.

Yes -existed mail delivery before this date, but it is carried by horse rider, and mail didn't have cancellation, or cancel alone.

When valuing this kind of envelopes, we need to think/care that envelop have nice readable cancel, good condition, visible date and city name, and to know rarities of cancellation and cancel numbers. For this elements, I prefer one nice and professionally edited catalogue of Serbian Phila Club Beograd (cover period 1840-2003), issued in 2003.

On scan is two cover used in 1847 and 1848 year that are shown here.

Looking on market prices, recently it was offered on eBay, and sold for really bargain prices of 10-20 euros, but when is question about really market value - it can reach also more that few thousand euro, all is conditioned with cancel rarities and from where it is delivered. I can see on SFK catalogue one sample of Aa Beograd post, with date May 25, 1840, that have catalogue value of 12 000 euros and I think it can reach much more if offered by any world class auction.
Just to mention that in Serbia was in use also Turkish Post Service (1841-1878), and "DDSG" (Donau-Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft 1840-1880) and according same Serbian catalogue, envelope with this period cancellation can reach from 300.00 to "open" market value.