Sunday, April 08, 2007

Serbia German Occupation Michel #94-98:

Issued on 15 October 1943, to commemorate 100 year of Serbian Post, one nice issue, good topic (Train, Post, Air Mail), and in quantity of 250 000 sets.

On picture You can see one sheet of 20 stamp (4 set) + 4 tab, that mean - just 62 500 sheet was printed. Again, if we take in account war, quality of glue, time passed, and quantity sold abroad - we come to situation where You will be unable to buy it easy on market.

I noticed it in last year and half on eBay, maybe one or two time offered, and last time I saw that asking prices start too high.

What is asking in Michel prices from 2004/2005 year edition is 7.50 euro for mint and 25.00 euro for used set. Sheet is not stated by prices, it is just mentioned in Michel catalog, but SFK catalog have it more affordable prices, set is stated for mint 3.50 euro and used go for 15.00 euro.

Sheet on SFK catalog have asked prices for 20.00 mint and 55.00 euro for used condition, and here we have little bit better prices for same set on cover originally canceled will go for 20.00 euro.

Just to mention, that this period material, like others from occupation period - BUY JUST FROM TRUSTED SUPPLIER in used condition, or better - pay for certificate, and You will have it used original.