Friday, June 01, 2007

Serbia - Scott catalog update:

Finally, received Scott update for Serbia (issue July 2007, page 80), and see that Scott continue numbering with Serbia and Montenegro - what we see, first issue from Serbia (after breakup with Montenegro) according Scott is:

"Battle of Mishar", 2006, June 30 and valued at 1.40$, number 348,

"Flag and Coat of Arms", same date of issue, 2 value, set = 1.10$, number 349/350,

"Water Polo Champ" issue, 2006, Sept. 1 valued at 1.40$, number 351,

"Gold Medal Water Polo Champ", 2006, Sept. 13 valued 1.40$, number 352,

"Joy of Europe" set of 2, 2006, Sept. 29 valued at 3.75$, number 353/354,

"Monastery" single 8d face value, 2006, Oct. 7 go for 0.25$, number 355,

"Stamp Day" of 'stamp on stamp' topic, 2006, Oct. 24 go for 1.50$, number 356,

"Bridal Jewelry - Museum" 2006, Oct. 30 valued for set of 4+tab 4.00$, number 357a-d,

"Atelie 212 Theater" 2006, Nov. 10 single is 1.60$ number 358,

"Mozart and Rembrandt" 2006, Nov.16 set is 3.20$ number 359/360,

"Christmas" set of 2, 2006, Nov. 20, valued 2.15$, number 361/362,

"New Year" issue, 2006, Dec. 1 go for 1.60$, number 363,

"UNICEF" single, 2006, Dec. 11 go for 0.55$, number 364,

"200 yr. Belgrade Liberation" 2006, Dec. 13 go for 0.55$, number 365.

What to say about prices that Scott mention is just that it is little bit under priced against Michel prices, and according present market value - it will be hard to buy this material even with full Scott catalog value! I thing that it is common for new issue, that Scott give "low" starting position for material that is mostly dominant in Europe, yes - it is right from beginning, but what we learned from past, and especially with SERBIA from occupation period, and before - they also have "low" starting position, which resulted in shortage on market. Today, it is hard to complete collection!!!!

Time will say - but I personally have an bad experience, and was pressured to pay much more than catalogue value for some items, just to complete collection.

My opinion is simple - keep to invest in Serbia, not all but some items (don't forget about sheetlets of 8+tab, 5 with tab on middle) will be valuable, and some will be extreme to find, like usually, some items will never recover even basic investment (too much printed).

To the future - I will try to update numbers on this page, as Scott will publish it on magazine (and if they will allow me for it) hope that some items will receive good starting prices, and we will see (with God help, and if health will allow) if I was right regarding prices.