Friday, July 06, 2007

#13-2007: Really one nice issue, design and I think that they "hit the point", "Easter"!

Everything is done properly, color combination, design, frame, all perfect! Two value issued on March 1, 2007, low face value where set of two can go for 1.20-1.80 euro, and FDC for 2.80-3.00 euro. This set can satisfy few topics, and for sure, world serious collectors will run for.

#14-2007: is to celebrate "Serbia Phila XIV" - Philatelic Exhibition, and issued just in sheet of two stamp, well designed, and can go to "fresque - icons" or "castle" topic, nice color choose, and well designed. Block can go for minimum 1.80 euro.
postage due 3-2007: with one stamp for "roses" design and one for "fighting cancer" with low value, but this two stamp will cost You minimum 1.00 euro.

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