Saturday, July 21, 2007

15-2007: EYOF - Sport:

This nice issue come to IX European Youth Olympic Festival held in Belgrade-Serbia, issued on June 20, 2007, with nice FDC design and numbered block of 2 stamp.

Graphic designer come from Belgrade (Nadezda Skochajich), that made one good job.

Block have 2 stamps face value 2x46 dinar, and dealer are selling it for around 1.50 euro.

16-2007: Equestrian Sport - Horses:
One really "on center" issue, commemorating this sport, issued on June 28, 2007, designer Ana Kostic from Belgrade, set of 4 value + tab on middle, "hard" items for standard collectors because they will need all 5 set in sheet to complete tab picture. Serbia issue this format for long period, and it is difficulty for any collectors to have all issue in this format. Yes - they have prices in catalog, but far away from even face value needed to pay on day of issue.
Set alone is not so expensive, around 3.00 euro without tab on middle, but if You will need complete strip of 4+tab, it will rise to 6.00 euro per set. For full sheet of 5 set that mean 30.00 euro, not small money for new issue! FDC will go to full 6.00 euro.


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