Friday, July 06, 2007

Postage due #2-2007,
is continuing in this year with Red Cross topic (I'm not common why they used "wheel" in design?) and one with Sveti Sava image, not "big" in face value just over 30.00 US cent, but from dealer it will be available for 0.75 US$ this two stamp.

#6-2007: After this come new issue commemorating "Europa - Scouting" that is one of better design in past period that I saw. Even that it is common issue in europe soil, I thinks that Serbia made one nice effort in design. Issued on May 3, 2007, with printing combination for set alone, booklet format, and sheet of 8 plus one tab on middle, it will cost collectors for set of 2v = 1.50 euro, booklet will go for 8.00 euro, sheet will reach maximum 20.00 euro and FDC will go for 3.00 euro.

#7-2007: named "75 year from fly of Amelia Erhart over atlantic" I will shortened it to "Aviation" issued on May 21, 2007, is also issued in this combination, but without booklet, and prices can go for set 1 v = 0.75 euro, Carte Maximum can reach 3.00 euro, FDC = 2.00 euro, and sheet of 8+1 tab = 9-12.00 euro.

#8-2007: come for "Serbian chairmanship of the Council of Europe", issued on May 10, 2007 - even that I don't like to mix politic with philately, I think that this is one strictly political issue, where EU made one "double standard" (same like other countries and UN) - stamp is issued to commemorate chairmanship of European Council, (same Europe that bombed and sanctioned same country Serbia, and now - it look like this way - want to "soften" Serbia and take out 15% of territory) where issued/commemorated with one stamp, valued 20.00 Serbian Dinar. Single will reach 0.75 euro, and FDC will go for 2.25 euro. Issue is good for "map" topic.

#9-2007: named after "Personalities", with commemorating two great writers, politics and more. It is one for 200 years of Dositej Obradovic in Serbia (date of issue is May 28, 2007), and second is for 50 years of Zmaj Children Games (date of issue is Jun 1, 2007), booth FDC is in standard design, not something that collectors will "ran for", and set of 2v will sell for 0.80-1.00 euro, and FDC can go for 4.00-5.00 euro (2 pcs).

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