Friday, October 19, 2007

#21-2007 - joint issue with Austria, commemorating Danube fauna - White tailed Eagle.

Something that are really nice, from design to printing and first day cancel! Here are shown two FDC, one just from Serbia, and second is dual, stamp from Serbia and also Austria, with picture on FDC from panoramic wiev of Danube and map - something that must be included in every collection.

I don't know, if all FDC are made with dual country stamp, or just with single country, or both at moment, but it is fine product. Yes - difference in printing are visible, it is printed in Austria, and day of issue are Sept 7, 2007.

Prices in retail store are also high, for single need to pay 1.60 euro, single with tab, like usually twice, 3.20 euro, for FDC (just Serbian) - 2.50 euro, and dual FDC (alone) will cost You high 5.00 euro. And mortar blow will come from sheet of 8+1 tab on middle, for which You need 15.00 euro.

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