Friday, December 21, 2007

30 and 31-2007 - this is final, last issue in 2007 year, and they made it in joint with Romania. I don't know if it will be and expanding topic from Serbian Post, but it is named "Port and Ships of Danube River", because Danube go around many countries, it have an open possibility to made every year one issue with this topic.

I think that s/s from this issue are good , but set is little bit "small detailed", missing something, I don't know what, but have it feeling that it miss something!

We have here some option from dealer regarding this issue, where set of 2 value will cost us 2.26 $, FDC is 3.26 $, sheet of ten identical stamp (2 pcs) will be worth 22.60 $, s/s from this issue, with ship topical collector interest will cost 4.00 $, and one great design from FDC Romania issue, with both stamp (Serbian and Romanian) attached on it will go for 8.00 $.

125 yr of Serbia-Japan relations:

Here is nice topic for collectors with personalities topic, king topic etc - it is issued with pictures of Milan I. Obrenovic (Serbia) and Meidji (Japan) - standard issue, nice in design - worth to buy.

Single stamp is selling for 1.66 euro, and sheet of 8+1 tab is selling for 15.00 euro.

28-2007 is for "Christmas", and again they made one poor issue, with stamp full of colors, without clear-cut picture, and hardly that someone will recognize this stamp like something worth to look! Set of 2 value will take from You 2.26 $, and FDC will go for 3.26 $.

29-2007 finally some light on design, and they made it well! Celebrating 50 year of launching SSSR's satellite "Sputnik", Serbian Post made one good design, with visible element, and I think worth to purchase it.

Single stamp will cost You 2.20 $, sheet of 10 identical stamp 22.20 $, FDC 3.80 $ - again, I think that even sheet of 10 will be worth to purchase.

Postage Due 5-2007

I really don't know why Serbian Post allow to himself to made such kind of ugly stamp and quality! First it issued "Children's week" in two technique, perforated and self-adhesive. Perforated is "so-so" but self-adhesive is really without any comment! No visible picture, full of "kish-kush" and no bright color! No - I don't think that someone will purchase it, and even prices are not so low, face is about 1.00 $ and dealer will ask 1.50 $ per one stamp.

25-2007 issue that are named "120 yr of Astronomic Observatory" - really nice tradition is small Serbia, almost 120 year, many country even didn't existed for this period and small Serbian have one Observatory and interest in astronomy - GREAT!

Design is not something special for this occasion, but acceptable, and one single stamp issued for it, will cost around 0.56 $ from dealer, FDC will go for 2.50 $, and sheet of 10 identical stamp will cost hefty 14.00 $.

26-2007 issued for "Stamp Day" and will suited stamp-on-stamp collectors, typical design, with no special printing, just too much yellow color in use. Dealer will ask for single stamp 1.30 $ and FDC will go for 2.79 $.

27-2007 here we come to one question: What for Serbian Post issue one set to celebrate Frida Calo artist/painter??? Except that she was an leftist and late President Tito liked her well, I don't think that something other reason existed to give her an place on Serbian stamp.

Set of 3 value, dealer will ask 3.20 $, FDC will be priced on 6.20 $ and sheet of 10 stamp each will take from You 32.00 $.

Postage due 6-2007: last in this year, that is issued with slogan "Mozes i ti" (You also can do it) - initiated by Vlade Divac, this n-profit organization is for donate money for house that will be given to refugee from Kosovo. Standard face value of 10.00 dinar, and selling for 0.36 euro. This will also be fine for collectors of basketball topic, because on draving is basketball player.