Saturday, March 01, 2008

1-2008 year:

Here we start with first issue, "Art - Paiting" issue for 100 year of birth Pedja Milosavljevic, issue of two value, 20 and 46 Serbian dinar. It start with two work of this author, nice item to be included in every art collection.

Date of issue is February 4, 2008.

Face value in US$ is for set 1.20$, but dealer are asking 2.40$ for set, sheet have 10 stamp and market value are 24.00$ per two sheet of 10, Carte Maxime are also in two pcs and market value are 5.00 $, and for FDC need to be paid also 5.00$.


Not something great issue, but important for all collectors that collect "Archeology" topic, it celebrated 100 year of first systematic archeological excavation in Vinca site.

Neolitic period site, where is discovered most items from this period, and stamp have design of :Lady of Vinca" statue that are discovered there.

Date of issue are Januar 28, 2008. One stamp face value of 20 dinar, and selling for 0.72$, FDC will go for 2.72$.

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