Wednesday, May 14, 2008

7-2008 Protected Animal,

8-2008 Eurovision Song Contest,

Eurovision contest are held this year in capital of Serbia, Belgrade, and Serbian Post decided to take advantage of it with this issue, that I privately don't agree - not because it have something wrong in principle, but because if someone decide to celebrate something, or to made one "point" to remember something, I think that existed many more important thing than Eurosong. Yes - this year it is in Belgrade, because last year winner was Serbian team - but again, existed many more other, more important for history of serbian country, than this one.
Issue come on 11 April 2008, with one extreme high face value (by Serbian economic standard), and like I mentioned long time before, someone there like to use lot of color! This one issue also come with too much blue color in use, but overall - it can pass like good. Prices - prices!!!! Face value are too high for ordinary citizen of Serbia, sheet is 3.54 US$ face value and from dealer offer You will find it for double - full 7.50-8.00 US$, for FDC You will need to prepare 9-9.50 US$. Lot in any way - maybe Serbian Post want to be sponsor of this contest?

Protected Animal, issue like every year that Serbian Post made, this one, I can say, are made with great effort, and artist made it well! Four value, with deer, wild cat, badger and boar - made one good selection for issue! Issued on April 7, 2008 - face value are 132.00 Serbian dinar, transfered to $ it is 2.64 US$ for simple set, and what dealer say - full 5.50 US$ for simple set, and set with tab on middle dealer will ask 7.50 US$, more You will need for sheet of 5 set with complete tab intact on middle - for this one combination You will need 27.00 US$, and FDC will cost You (2 cover) will cost You 12.00 US$.

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