Thursday, July 03, 2008

#9-2008, "European Nature Protection":

issued on May 23, 2008 - two value, 20.00 and 46.00 serbian dinar, it will be somewhere around 1.32 US$ face value, but - BUT, dealer will not sell it less than 2.50 US$ per one set, reason is very clear (and I think justified) - dollar value are constantly low, chaos around oil and globally prices are rising for everything.

This issue commemorate Nature protection, that I believe are really very important, it have great connection with one fact, that human are more and more responsible for situation in nature, and that WE all forgotted simple thing - MOTHER NATURE, that have own law, own system and own punishment for human bean.

First stamp (20.00 Serbian Dinar) have picture of Vlasina Plateau, one beautiful, untouched place in Serbia where more than hundred spices of bird have place, and some rarest floral samples existed.

Second stamp (46.00 Serbian Dinar) placed Dewil's Town (Djavolja Varos) on it, this is one natural reserve place in central Serbia, recently proposed for "world heritage". To be fair, this stamp I don't like, because artist made it in little bit "confused" way, with mixing some "ill" colors - maybe it was intention because name of place alone.

Just to mention one error on FDC - on back side, where is explanation and article about this issue - one typo error occured, where is stated that two value existed, one with 46.00 dinar and second with 50.00 dinar - ectually it is just 20.00 and 46.00 - for collectors luck.

#10-2008, "EUROPA" - Letter-Mail:

Here I can say just "WOW" - unbelieve, Serbian Post made it well!!!! Great design, great message, great visual contact, in any aspect - well done! Congratulation to Nadezda Skocajic, designer - and people from administration that approved this issue. Issued on May 5, 2008, common topic for this year EUROPA issue around countries, but here is in picture explanation of all mean postal transport, all kind, vehicle, train, diligance, old ship and pigeon - covered all in one beautifful first day cover. I think that this issue will be very valued, because EUROPA issue alone, and specific from this Serbian, that like usually are printed in relatively low quantities (for EUROPA issue I think it will be around 50 000) - how it will fill all need of topical collectors that collect "stamp on stamp", "transportation" and other topic that appear on this issue.

Face value for this two stamp are around 2.00 US$, but - try it from dealer! Minimum that they will ask will be 6.00 US$ for set of two value, without tab - and because this issue are printed in sheet of 8+1 tab on middle, it will reach more $ for set with tab, and according my experience, sheet of 8+1 will cost around 48.00 US$ - I'm just pesimistic and little affraid, that this issue will go like issue from MOntenegro EUROPA from 2005 "Gastronomy" that today have few hundred euros on market.
I wish luck to all with this issue, and hurry to obtain it as soon as possible.

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