Friday, October 24, 2008

14 and 15-2008, Grapes and Vine:

Here we come again with one beautiful issue from Serbia, I will pray that it continue this way to the future! One really nice art work, issued on Sept. 25 2008 with topic "Flora - Grapes and Vineyard of Serbia", set of 4 value + tab on middle - if you can, zoom this set and You will discover one really, but really original replica of grapes that are possible! Artist made it great and I'm even more fascinated with FDC cover - the colour of bottles and colour of vine, something that give wish to touch it, to smell it!

The stamp are devoted to four region in Serbia, that have one long tradition in making vine and grapes, even that vine from Serbia never reach some fame like French or Italian, but locally made vine and inside Serbian population this vine have one good standing, maybe because people from this region like locally made vine. And other product from this grapes are known in the Europe well, it is cognac and brandy that have even more bigger tradition like vine.

We have here also one design of FDC and one art in CM - just see and enjoy! Prices are not so big, by face value it is around 1.50 US$ for set without tab - but tell me how to separate tab from sheet of 5 set with 5 different tab on middle? And for sheet You will need little bit more, around 7.50 US$. Where come problem? It is for collectors that don't have access to directly obtain it from Post service, but must to use dealer - because this topic and quantity issued, it will be hard to obtain it in less than double face value.

15-2008 "Joy of Europe":

Even that this issue have an very good intention, I really don't like design and like what we see from scan, it is really poorly managed. I think that children's drawing are not something that can be ranged high! I understand intention, it is very good, it help to collect some income for Joy of Europe festival, it help to promote children's topic around globe - but to made stamp with better design is impossible - what to do? Nothing, keep support children's and this organization. This year it is just 1 value in set (?) - strange because usually it come in set of 2 (possible my supplier made mistake?) and face value are low - just less than 1.00 US$ - but again, dealer will ask double price, reason are still in quantity issued, and MOST issue from Serbia are sold very quickly.

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