Friday, November 21, 2008

Kosovo Autonomy Issue:

Something that I discovered recently, and because it is still Serbian Autonomy, I will placed it here, like sample of illegal issue from Serbian territory - someone will ask why labeled it like illegal????

So - existed some indication and fact that we (collectors and dealers, philatelist, brokers) can not ignore, and one of many are that:
a) Kosovo is still unrecognized from UN organization, EU didn't recognized it, and what is most important - UPU also didn't recognized it like independent country!!

b) I didn't find in any page around web, or on USPU web pages that USA Post give or agree to made one late joint issue with Kosovo Autonomy. If I don't made mistake, this issue are same like USA Scott B1 - issued 07/29/98, for which catalogue have an "low" value of 0.80 US$ - now when I search for this Kosovo Autonomy issue - I find that dealer and supplier from Serbia and Kosovo are asking not big money - but expensive prices of 1.65 euro per single (that are 65% up face value, not too much - normally charge are 2x face value), 5.85 euro for FDC and 22.00 euro sheet of 10.
c) Kosovo Autonomy have postage stamp issued by UN mission in Kosovo, and all issue have inscription "United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo" and this one issue (and some other issue from this year) have an inscription of "Republic of Kosovo" that is another one reason to call it illegal.
In the end - possible it will have some sale success around philatelist, because people collect also illegals!