Friday, December 19, 2008

18, 19, 20-2008:

Heading to end this 2008 year, it come last three issue. By my opinion, it is one "simple" issue, and by my opinion absolutely unnecessary! Also design show us one symptom that all Serbian have, and it is that nothing they can not made "till the end" correctly. This symptom is visible everywhere - from life to art - they will do job properly all the way, but when they feel that end is near - things will be done poorly!

What is good for this year - is just quantity printed, Serbian Post keep one best policy to protect also philatelist, and also future catalogue value for own stamps - it is printed around 30-50 000 quantity, that is one offset for REALLY market need - subscribers and little to the post offices for use - all what need to be done, this way, new mint issue will have one real catalogue prices, and used material will be very hard to find and complete one collection in used condition will be even more harder.

18-2008: come to celebrate 60 yr of convention for Danube Navigation, what is need to celebrate this occasion i don't know! They have every year "Danube convention" issue, and now one "sub-issue" for same topic? Issued on Nov 20, 2008, one single stamp, view of Belgrade and one ship, from "long distance" - nothing good to say, face value just less than 1.00 US$ - affordable but who collect it?

19-2008: Christmas issue, that I never liked - here we have two stamp, showing us one icon and one painting, issued on Nov 28, 2008, two face value of together 66.00 dinar, something around 1.50 US$, that will be good for collectors of "Icon", "Christmas" issue - but hardly that will reach some "good" prices in future!

20-2008: Dadov Theatre - Even that I'm native of Yugoslavia, Serbia, Vojvodina - I never hear of this theatre! I never hear that it have so great significance for Serbian population and have any "standing" in Serbia! Possible in today's time, withs someones "good connection" they managed to have one stamp like this printed. Issued on Dec 5, 2008, with really small face value of less than 0.50 US$ - no big deal at all!

Friday, December 05, 2008

16-2008, 17-2008:

16-2008 is for 125 year in First telephone in Serbia! 125 years - not short time - isn't? Great achievement - and so poor design. First phone line are introduced JUST EIGHT AFTER invention of phone, it is really best for so poor country! And it thanks for Panta Mihailovich who made it live. On stamp is one combination of portrait of Panta and building in Belgrade where is first phone installed. First Day Cover design made it better visible and all collectors who collect "phone", "architecture" will like it. Stamp are issued on Oct. 24, 2008, face value are still low - 46.00 Serbian dinar - around 0.50 US$ - but dealer will ask 1.00 $ for single and 2.00$ for FDC that are still affordable for any one who collect it.
17-2008 is for "Children's Costume" - one really nice issue - nice in all aspect!!!! Design, format, colors - all are synchronized in well manner and taste. For Serbia Post, this format is not new, what is new that they now use 9 stamp and one tab, that made collectors little bit "angry" because one more combination are added to existing issue (single with tab), and one sheetlet (kleinbogen) of 9+1 will for sure rise expenses of every serious collector, but this issue deserve it.
On stamp are two kind of costume - one from Sumadija Region and second from Kumodraz region, it is two different kind of costome, well created and full of color palette. First Day Cover are really art work - see this scan, something great!
date of issue is Nov 11, 2008, face value little over 1.00 euro - but try to obtain it by this prices - no way! Set are selling for 2.00, FDC for 3.00 and sheetlet of 9+1 tab will ask full 30.00 euro at glance.

2008 Postage Due # 6, , 8, 9, 10:

Here I will be very short, because most information I miss from official in Serbia, what I know is poor information from stamp alone, but I will try my best.

RED CROSS - Solidarity week, in use for period I don't know, but according design, it is for "old age people" for sure, intention is to think and care about old people - nice intention!

Anti Cancer - portrait of Dr Avram Josif Vinaver, I don't know this doctor, but other collectors know, specially someone who specialized in this field, issue is like usually, and possible this small dimension stamp, don't have some "big attention" in collectors "sight".

Children's Week - I give this name of issue, because from picture on stamp, it is one boy in "Superman" pose, I think that role for this issue is to wake avarnees for children protection, from other newspaper I see that Serbia have an problem when is question of children's. Date on stamp for use are Oct 6-12, 2008, week like usually - where money collected will go is good question. Issue are in two format, one is adhesive format, perforated and second is self-adhesive imperforate.

For "Avala" RTV Tower - this one have an really good point, but I will prefer one regular issue, not "obligatory" week stamp - but one really issue for simple reason - that this tower are destroyed by NATO forces, totally without reason and need, simple destruction of civilian object that served population in Serbia, no one was charged, no one pay to this country any compensation, and no one pay to the victims family that are killed on the bombing! One moment that need to be remembered with much more attention than one small format stamp!

Prices for each are few cent on face value, but dealer will minimum ask of 1.00 $ per stamp, that are not so great deal!