Friday, March 13, 2009

Starting 2009 year with: Critics! Why? I'm looking on Issue Programme for 2009 yr - first what I see is very-very big quantity printed! Some rising in quantity will result in low catalogue value - for sure! Serbian Post previous period printed around 35 000 set per issue, and now they go to 10-20x more!!!! It is first sign of inflation - You don't think?
1-2009 "Luis Braille":
how much I see - it will be common issue around globe, possible because 200 yr of birth, and importance - Serbia same participate in it with one stamp in set, relatively good design, but much less good than previous year - they even missed to print it with relief characters that are basic for this letter. Like I say, one stamp in set, face value of around 0.45 euro, affordable, and FDC will fit in all collection. Issued on 5/I/2009.
2-2009 "Zabavnik Journal":
Oh - I remember this Journal for Young population that also old people read with joy! My opinion is that it is an unnecessary issue - but nice to have also stamp for this journal - why not, if people have money to buy it - but, tell me - who today thing to spend some money on issue that will not math any major topic?
One stamp in issue, with very cheap 0.23 euro face value - affordable for all. FDC design is really like journal itself, full of color with main character from journal on it - at all, nice drawing - worth to have.

3-2009 "Hedgehog Journal":
For which one that I never hear! What's for? No any significance except 75 year of issue - and design!!!! Terrible mistake by Postal Authority! Can You recognize what is on stamp? Modern or old Don Cihotte? Sundown in desert? What people with search for it, which collection to include it - oj-vaj-voj - that will be failure at all even that face value are low just 0.20 euro, but even that I will not spend! Issued on 5/I/2009.

4-2009 "Protected Animal":
Thanks God - again some "sun" back! Great in all aspect - set of four stamp, two FDC, sheet of 5 set gutter between on sheet - how to obtain all combination of gutter except to purchase full sheet - and it will cost You. Set alone is face value of 1.50 euro, but on market prices are as follow: set = 3.50 euro, set + gutter between = 5.00 euro, FDC = 3.50 euro and full sheet of 5 set = 20.00 euro! say what You want - but I think that it is worth this money - see just artist work, he invested soul in it. What is on stamp? Harvest Mouse, European Ground squirrel, Ermine and Southern Birch Mouse - I think good to have!
Issued on 16/II/2009, and printed 128 000 set (mean around 25 000 sheet of 5 set available, less for FDC use - left on market around 20-22 000 sheet of 5 set).

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