Friday, May 08, 2009

5-2009: Ecology - Joint issue with Bulgaria, issued 2/III/2009, with two stamp in set and one block (of same two stamp), one nice paiting, I can not say that it is not, but I can say, that existed many other way to make this issue more better than is now. It is drawing, it is far away from painting or art. Face value for this set and block is around 0.75 euro, sheet of 10 will made it 15.00 euro and FDC from Serbia only will cost You 1.72 euro, but FDC with Bulgarian issue will be hardly available around market.
6-2009: Easter issue, dated 9/III/2009, I will not use hard word, but it is one ugliest that I have in stock! WHY to downgrade quality that was in good shape? WHY to use this wood carving instead of beautiful Icons that existed around Serbian Monastery in Serbia? Probably someone didn't like when Serbia go to upper scale with quality and decided to damage little bit! Face value is same like previous issue just 0.75 euro, but hardly that it will reach this prices in any future catalogue - simple vasting!!!
7-2009: Great Serbian Artis, dated 17/III/2009, with 6 stamp in set. According dimension of stamp, it look like that economy in Serbia is improving, they have money to print stamp on "label" dimension, and to be fair also in "label" design! Nothing worth to say, no quality or artist imagination show here. Face value are in lower scale, just 1.87 euro per set, but loking for quality, I think that it is too much!
Postage Due 2-2009: Standard issue for Anti-Cancer, probably someone will made collection just with this small size stamp, it can be nice and cheap, because postage due have an face value of 0.10 euro, but it is all.

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