Friday, January 01, 2010

End of 2009 year:
FINA Water Polo Champ, issued on Oct 10, 2009, held in Rome this year, where Serbian national team take gold medal, issued one single stamp, with face value around 0.68 US$, but hardly that You will buy it from dealer for less than 1.50 US$, not because it is rare or something else, but because other expenses that dealer have. By exchange, You will have it for face value. Design is common for this topic, and I don't see any other possibility to made this stamp look better - simple as can be.
FINA World Champ - Golden Medal, issued same day like Water Polo, but this one come to 2 value in set, celebrating Nadja Higl - Golden medal winner, and european record in 200 meter breaststroke, second value is for Milorad Cavic - also golden medal winner. face value for this two value are low, some 1.37 US$, but again, dealer will sell it for 2.50-3.00 US$, depending on quantity and option, because this set is printed in sheetlet of 8+1 tab, that for sheetlet (kleinbogen) You0 will pay premium, also set with tab will take more money.
Stamp day, Michel Catalogue. Issued on Oct. 23, 2009, to mark 100 year of Michel catalogue, "reliable adviser for collectors" - I like this definition for catalogue any kind. Single stamp, with portrait of Hugo Michel, and cover issue of first edition, FDC are well arranged with photo of Michel catalogue 2009 edition and catalogue page for Serbia 1866 issue. If it is not stamp, I will say - good advertising label - not more than that. Face value is standard 46.00 SD, around 0.68 US$ - nice for collector of stamp on stamp, personalities.
Museum Exhibit - "Dinosaurs of Argentina - Giants of Patagonia", issued on Nov. 9, 2009, set of 2 value, face value some 1.01 US$, but here prepare to pay it twice face value to any dealer around, design are one of better for this year, and FDC are well made with good drawing of dinosaur Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis, and Giganotosaurus carolinii. CM are same good design and worth to obtain now, because with time this set can cause shortage on market. Printing sheet of 9+1 tab, will be even more hard to obtain, because serbian Post still keep low quantity printed.
Christmas - Like usually, religious motifs, that I agree with! Many countries around globe, made childrens drawing to celebrate this holiday, but - it is religious holiday, and I thing, that most appropriate will be to issue same religious motifs on any stamp with this topic. This time, Serbian post decided to show us fresque from Krusedol monastery, which have great 500 yr of existence - can You imagine it - 500 great year, not every country can say it! Almost every foreign army that occupied Serbia made some kind of destruction for this monastery, but it rise again and again from down. Set have two value, with each show us one fresque. 22 RSD is "Christ's Birth" from 1749 yr, and second 46 RSD is "Epiphany" from same 1749 yr. By my opinion, great work on original fresque, but hard work for stamp designer - because of dimension of original picture/fresque - to put it on stamp, almost impossible to show us beauty of it. Face value for this two stamp are also 1.02 US$, nothing big for collectors of this topic.