Friday, July 09, 2010

10-2010 Classic Car:
Official name for this issue are "Motoring", that hardly match this topic, I can say that it is just "Classic Car" because 55 year is long enough to mark one car like "classic"! Here is talking about Zastava 750 type, that was once symbol of Yugoslavia advance in technology and industrialization, where this car are made on the base of Fiat 600D type. In Yugoslavia it was one family car! can You imagine it! Family car! I have very problem (at the time when I lived there) to manage driving, and when I was just sitting on the back seat, it was very unpleasant experience - but, I enjoy to travel across Yugoslavia, where I and my friends know to travel more than 2000 km in one way with this small machine. I miss it even today! Final day of this car production was grave - whole factory are sold to Turkey, and final car go down in production some ten or twenty years ago, when "new world order" come to Yugoslavia.

One single stamp issued, FDC and CM follow. Date April 8, 2010 - face value is 0.26 $, affordable and hardly that will reach some big catalog value - quantity printed 128 000, I think, more than need! printing sheet is 25 stamp.

11-2010 Fauna - City Birds:

One nice issue from Serbia, not of great importance, but still nice. Pictured are: Pigeon Highflier (Columba Livia), Great Tit (Parus major), House Sparrow (Passer domesticus), Black Redstart (Phoenicurus ochruros).
In background of each stamp are panorama from cities: Belgrade, church in Krushevac, fortress in Nish and Subotica view. Issued on April 12, 2010, with quantity printed 38 000 sets, printing sheet of 5 with tab on middle of set of 4 - something that made little problem for collectors who want to have set with tab, because it is 5 set with each tab in different way - that made whole picture - You can not separate it if You want to keep picture intact. Face value for set is 1.79 $, but very small quantity printed will made prices go up.

12-2010 Industrialization - Thermo Power Plant:

Hardly that Greenpeace will agree to issue one coal power plant on stamp, but - people think differently! This issue is hardly of some significance, it celebrate 140 year of industrialization of Serbia, this is very questionable! In this period of 140 year, it was Serbia, Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro and finally just Serbia independent - and I will ask, who have credit to say: "We made industrialization"? Nothing worth to mention, simple issue of one stamp, Kostolac view, one of main air pollutant in Serbia! Worth to put it on postage stamp? face value is minimal of 0.26 $, for sure You will obtain it less than face value on exchange basis. Quantity printed standard - 38 000 stamp.

13-2010 Europa - Children's Book:

Here I can say, that Serbia beat all other countries, that made this issue, in design - it is so great, nice, eye-catching, beautiful and in the end - educational! It is made with whole hearth of designer N. Skochajic! All respect to her - and people that made it happen. I saw many issue with this topic, some are neo-advanced, some are simple, some are ugly - but Serbian are best!
Issue on May 5, 2010 - that actually match nature - May months when all nature flower and all come green out there - Serbian Post issue one really good set! I must copy this sequence from FDC: "...The imagination creates a new world over which reign other laws of man (human) and nature...".
Printed quantity is again small - just 60 000 set, I see in Program for 2010 that it was planned set and s/s - but still go out just set (?) - probably someone know what happen? S/S was planned to be printed just in 25 000 pieces - but if didn't occur it must be just because of some "grey" play in! God know, but in the end we will find true!
Face value are not small - set are 1.70 $ - think that You will need in collection set, set with tab and probably sheet of 8 plus tab - than - prepare somewhere between 30-40.00 $ to pay! In scan You can see one FDC officially issued and also one FDC that are private made - for this second You will need to pay much more like official issue!

Postage due 2-2010:

Here I don't have any information about date of issue, but it is "like usually" issue for Red Cross and next one for European Championship in water-polo, that is held in 2010. Small face value of each is 0.11 $. Stamp for water-polo are nicely design, suggest to have it!

Now, I wish to inform other collectors and especially people who collect and specialize in Serbia - I hear some rumors, that there is going some "dirty" game on with Jugomarka Company! Someone informed me that, Jugosmarka are doing business illegally - that they have no licence to issue postage stamp, that they are one-one-know owned by, that they are not registered in legally - and go on reason why it must be closed down! Probably some "smoke" are there, because we see it in difference in Program for 2010 - where have some issue not printed in way described, and again some rumors regarding FIFA Football Championship (see picture of this one cover) - where is planned just one set of 2 stamp, but after FIFA insist, it is added also s/s, planned was printing sheet of 8 stamp plus tab - but I hear that it is printed in sheet of 5 - in the end, someone informed me that whole issue will come late because objection from FIFA (about royalties for use of logo) - let's wait and see what will happen!


Marcos said...

Dear Miloje: I'm a Spanish stamp collector very keen on all the balcan area and I contact periodically with the Serbian philatelic service (Jugomarka, as far as I know) in order to buy stamps from this country. Recently I have tried to do it again sometimes and all my e-mails are rejected, so the last thing I have thought to do is to send an ordinary letter... Before doing that, I have thought that maybe you can tell me if Jugomarka really "works" or not, as in your blog you say that they are "closed". Whatever it's true or not, the fact is that the new Serbian stamp issues are available everywhere... Your answer, whatever it is, will be very appreciated. I wait for your comments.
Best regards,
Marcos Cantalejo from SPAIN.

Miloje Chastven said...

Marcos - thanks for asking about Jugomarka, and as to present, I have just information that shop is closed till 1st September. Serbian Post informed, that shop will be reopen, but no information why they closed it, or if they will change name or status of this shop. Because that Your mail go unanswered and bounced back - probably Your snail mail will be answered - but it will take time. When I contacted my closed friends in Belgrade - all answered same, Jugomarka is "dead" - some "suspicious" activity are there, and my personal feeling is, that name JUGOmarka is not fit for someone from politician or from "other" power maker, probably they will reopen with new name (Serbiamarka?). All subscription and collectors who receive new issue by "standing order" DIDN'T received material, and just God know if will at all, material that You see on eBay or other web shops come from people that have time to wait in Central Post Office at the date of issue, and they purchased it directly from post - but many don't have opportunity to travel to Belgrade, wait in row, and purchase it. As You see on my blog - I have just one stamp (from two) with PRIVATE made FDC, and just recently received one sheetlet of "Icons" issue - I think that on 1st September we will be more clever regarding status of "standing order" subscribers - till that, You have just option to buy it from other web offering, by much higher prices that usually!

If You want to be updated regarding this matter - simply be "follower" for this blog, and in the end, if You will have any shortage from Serbia material - just contact me and I will see what is left in my stock - but I suggest You to wait till middle of September than we will have more clear picture.

best regards to all
my email are visible on "my profile" page.

santia said...

I like Dinar.and its revaluation of currency.

Miloje Chastven said...

Just to update other collectors that collect Serbia material:

As today, Post of Serbia, with big hurry, and without any "normal" procedure, delivered to the post branches around Serbia, "Tennis" issue, celebrating winner in Davis Cup (Serbia) - on the same way, all other issue are available in CPO in Belgrade, and also in some (not given detailed names) other PO.

it is - many think, for "world record", to prepare, produce, deliver this "Tennis" issue, including FD cancels for every bigger PO. Suddenly, when is talking about "proud" (winning Davis Cup) organization are working well.

Some rumors are going around, that former Jugomarka shop, will restart with activity from Jan 1st 2011, but by name "Serbiamarka" - from other source I learn, that it will not happen before middle of January.

Let's stay alive and see!

I will use this occasion to deliver:

Marry Christmas, Happy New Year to all around, that visit my three blog pages,,,

and my web album:

Wish to all, at first Health - and all rest will come with it!

Its just me.. said...


I would be interested in buying or swapping stamps especially from Serbia & Montenegro. Do you have a stocklist of prices?


Miloje Chastven said...

To all visitors, and also to Ram:

As present, "Jugomarka" still didn't work in full scale. yesterday I talked by phone with one collector in Serbia, he told me that re-organization in Serbia post, "Jugomarka", and all staff around this organization, resulted in total collapse! key position around this company receive people that NEVER or have little experience with Philately, with postage stamp, with printing, and organization in this field. This fact resulted, that worker come to the offices in "Jugomarka", and don't have what to do - sitting around for eight hour, and do nothing. Occasionally stamp are released in CPO in Belgrade, and people who have information are waiting there, buy all what is offered and that is all story. Supply to the other PO around Serbia is low or didn't happen at all, shortage of postage in every local PO - Today we can say: "Destruction of Serbian Philately" by people who receive job and position, that are not qualified in this field! What that mean for stamp and value of it from Serbia? It will be very hard to complete collection, and really postal used material will be non existed - I suggest: BUY WHAT YOU CAN and keep it!

From previous comment, I have feeling that they will restart with distribution new issue to subscribers in 1st January, after that come info about middle January - and now - info that no one know when! Probably politician or other people involved think and want to prepare Serbia in EU, probably they planned to install Euro in use, probably they want to destroy "Jugomarka" company at all - I really don't know, and can not give positive rating for now.

To RAM: I still have almost all material in stock from Montenegro, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro, Yugoslavia - but in very limited quantity, who want - can visit my web album:

and contact me for more detailed prices by my email:

will be happy to help where I can.