Thursday, April 14, 2011

Here come end of 2010 year. I think that Serbian Post made more than need issues for 2010 yr - it come to count 26 issues + postage due. Many people and collectors will be very unhappy with this information, because it will request more money to spend if You want to keep collection complete - but, Serbian Authority, probably care just about profit.

21-2010 Stamp day:
Issued on Nov. 26, 2010, with one nice stamp, single in this issue. design is one from better, and can be included in "Stamp on Stamp" topic, probably also "Building-Architecture" also.
face value not so big, but on market prepare 1.83 $for it.

22-1020 Museum Exhibits:
Nov. 26, 2010, set of two stamp, market prices for set of 2 = 1.83$, but for small sheet of 9 stamp+gutter on middle You will need more than 18.00 $. What we have here on stamp? One pictured Porcelain figure and second have it with Glass - not something that will attract many topical collectors - isn't? Sheet of 9+1 stamp, have some good looking, but also price!

23-2010 Writers:
Issued Nov. 26, 2010. Continuing with this issue every year, once it was Actors, now it is writers. Between all on issue, we have one Nobel Prices Winner (Ivo Andric) and also one who can be included in "Judaica" topic - Danilo Kis. Design is not bad at all, fine balance between modern stream, classic painting and nice portrait. Prices on market is not so bad for set/sheet with gutter - 4.88 $, but for set of 4 FDC prepare almost three time more.

24-2010 Joy of Europe:
Nov. 26, 2010. Still I can not understand why it continue with this series? O.K. it is for children's joy, O.K. it is of young generation importance and promotion of children's art, but - I think that it is missing taste! One single stamp that5 will cost You 1.27$ - too much? i think - yes!

25-2010 Christmas:
Issued Nov. 30, 2010. One "standard" Christmas issue - nothing more than that! I don't like this kind of design, and many-many countries around globe have same "taste", and same, very small "space" to made other design to celebrate Christmas. But, it is for every country to decide. Two stamp in set, You will need to pay some 1.88 $ for set.

26-2010 Aviation:
Dec. 9, 2010. I can say "Hallelujah"! End of the year and thanks God - best of best for this year! nice design, nice printing, nice FDC! Just see two stamp (from 4) - 44 din and 66 din, they are almost here in - almost close to Your face! What we have on stamp? Brege 14, spartan Kruzer, IK-3 and DC-9. On single stamp we have portrait of Ivan Saric (1876-1966) - constructor. I recommended to all collectors, especially topical of Aviation to "grab" this issue, even that it can cost more than 8.33 $ for booklet and single! For FDC (two) - You will need also "high" - almost 11.50$ - but again, it is worth.

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