Friday, June 24, 2011

Here we come again with new issue from Serbia, that I recently received, now from "Serbiamarka" and not from "Jugomarka". It is "new trend" in Serbia, probably in accordance with EU Reich that didn't "like" nothing that have name "Jugoslavia" or related. God know why it must be done, and where it will be heading - just time will tell!

P. Due 2-2011: "Red Cross":
Like usually, I don't have information about date of issue, but it was valid just for week in use, and obligated on every single post delivered. By my opinion it is very poorly designed, but - classic for this topic. Nothing special, and worth around 0.24 $ in some dealers inside Serbia. From my experience - it will be very hard, in the future to find it and complete this in Your collection, because most of dealer will not keep it in stock!

12-2011 "Personalities":
Issued on May 13, 2011 to celebrate 160 years of birth Dr Laza Lazarevic, one really great person, who have impact on Serbian people and country alone. He was lawyer, doctor and writer, and also fighter in Serbo-Turkish war (that resulted in Ottoman fall and Serbian liberated Kosovo from Turks).

Single stamp, with minimal face value, but prepare around 0.48$ for it. FDC are even better designed, and will cost You around 1.52$. Will be available in the future, because it is of no significance to general collectors.

11-2011 Gymnasium:
One issue, that I really don't know why is made? What is need to put burden on collectors for this issue, which celebrate 130 years of Bora Stankovic Gymnasium. This Gymnasium, is not so great that will need postage stamp to be printed, for reason that every bigger city in Serbia have an Gymnasium with 100 or more year in existence.

Overall design is fine, minimum face value, around 0.48$ per single, will be available in the future. Issued on May 10, 2011.

10-2011 EUROPA "Forest":
Still EVROPA issue are coming out at the time, and with better than usually design, even I can say - one of better from all countries that issue this topic. Come out on May 5, 2011. Two value in set, with very nice design that is worth to have in collection. For this set prepare 2.20 $, but if You want it with gutter between two stamp, or with tab - You will pay premium. hardly that will be available in next 3-4 year, because low quantity printed.

9-2011 "Scout":
Not bad, but can be made better! I will put it in "Children's Painting" topic - if I don't know to read Serbian!!! Probably will be in demand just because topic alone - not more than that. One single stamp, minimal face value, but prepare 0.52$ for single stamp.

8-2011 "Fight Poliomyelitis":
Very important issue, to fight this "greatest children's killer" and be aware that it is still around us! Serbian Post made little bit trick, and on stamp is also one "Rotary" symbol, that will made this issue more in demand. Design alone will not show us at first glance, or eye look, about what is talking, I will say it is something about dancing, but after reading text, and examination FDC I "catch" the point and see that it is about health care and Polio problem around.
Single stamp, with double like usually face value, prepare minimum 1.10 $ for it! Issued on March 31, 2011.