Saturday, May 19, 2012

2012 year - beginning with:

This year, it start with some difference from "Program" that Serbian Post released.
According it, 1st issue need to be "1st Winter Youth Olympic" - which I still didn't receive, probably didn't come out from print? 
Nothing terrible!

1-2012 "The Lunar Calendar - China New Year":

Come out from print on Feb. 2, 2012, with two stamp in set, face value of 22.00 dinar and 55.00 dinar. Keep an eye on 55.00 face value stamp, it will be very difficult to have it in PU (Postal used) form, for reason that 22.00 dinar is printed in 175 000 quantity, and 55.00 dinar go out just 25 000!
If we know that for 1.00 US$ exchange rate are around 90.00 dinar - this set will have low value of less that $ in face value, but - again BUT! First, it is common design with few countries around (not exactly common, better say, similar) like Croatia, Azerbaijan.... Than, come topic of "Lunar Year" that many China topic collectors will like to have in collection, and also low face value will just increase demand for it.  
Design are great, I can say one of best from this "field" that I saw in around, with "Dragoon" expressing all "power" that it represent.

2-2012 "Easter":

 Small dissatisfaction this time! Before, it was nice, "big" picture, clear view, and now some "remote" pictured, with very small detail and big margin. Again two stamp in set, little bit less face value than first issue this year. It come out on March 15, 2012, face value of 22.00 and 46.00 dinar, but again difference in quantity printed between this two stamps are great! 22.00 dinar are printed in 215 000 and 46.00 dinar in 25 000 quantity! I will suggest You, if You want it in really used condition, to find one "secure" supplier of new issue, not "simple" collector/s because hardly (knowing economic situation in Serbia), that someone will have "power" to supply it on "exchange" base, and even on "buy" option, not every person and collectors can afford to spend this money on postage stamp, and to wait in post office to made it canceled.

3-2012 "Personalized - 50 year of Phila Community in Voivodina":

About this stamp, I can not say - NOTHING! It come from "personalized" stamp, service that Serbian Post have (like many other countries), but same Serbian Post, refuse to "handle" it by catalog or by any other mean of evidence. Date of issue, who is owner, quantity printed, all this information existed just in "account evidence" inside Serbian Post, probably under "business secret", that post don't need to publish. I know just that minimum quantity order are 200 pieces, and cost minimum 110.00 dinar per one stamp. Now, think logic!? 22.00 dinar face value, You will need to pay 110.00 dinar cash, in advance! Good for You? To reach producing cost = face value, You will need to order 500 000 + quantity with negotiation, because this quantity are valued 25.00 dinar per one.

I have some samples in my stock, from previous years, (one of it was "Judaica" topic, "Menorah" design, that come out with very big scandal and, what I hear later, also with court action regarding "reprint" issue of same design but by another owner), and never have  ability to find any "local" catalog or list with more detail.

4-2012 "Art - Architecture":

Not bad design under name of "Architecture", but if You will call it "Art" some collectors will be very confused, and probably will refuse to include it in this name collection! Four stamp in set, total face value of 1.73 $, all in same quantity printed (65 000), prepare much more to buy it from dealer! On stamp shown three building from Belgrade, and one from Subotica, nice item to include in collection, and also not so expensive. Come out on March 2, 2012.

5-2012 "ANC - Mandela - South Africa":

I really don't see any reason why Serbian Post made it! Not because (God forbid) I have something against this movement and political party, but because Serbia don't have any common cause with it!
100 years of struggle against apartheid is not characteristic for peoples of Serbia and Yugoslavia. There (in Yugoslavia and Serbia) was never "race segregation" or racism on power, and more worst, at the time of Yugoslavia, one of countries that are not friend with Yugoslavia was South Africa! Suddenly, this two countries start to be friends? Hard to believe! Probably some kind of political usury, or some "outside" pressure on politic structure in Serbia, made this issue happen.
Single stamp issued, "normal" design, not included in "program", half $ to pay in post office for one stamp - too expensive by my opinion.

6-2012 "National Theater in Nish":

Great celebration, many "new and democratic" countries didn't exist at the time, when Serbia have theater, rail, museums etc - and now who can say that Serbian people are "barbarians"?
But it seems that Serbian politicians didn't care about! Because face value of this stamp are 22.00 dinar, and "South Africa  friendship are 46.00 dinar - I can ask: "What is more important for Serbia"?
Issued on March 9, 2012, also not mentioned in "Program" for 2012 year! I can say, it is poor design, something like "home work" for pupils in fundamental class!

Postage Due 1-2012:

If someone in this world is "frajer" (it is someone who have "easy hand" when spending money), it is Serbian people that have so many postage due stamps issued per year. Here it come, from start of the year, four time/cause for taking more money from sender of simple envelope, that will cost him additional 10.00 dinar (0.11 $) per shipment! One issue is for "Anti Cancer" cause, second for European champ in handball, next is for "Refugee" and fourth for European champ in wrestling!

All of this cause, is really nice and human effort worth of helping - but, I think that it is gov't role to do it, and not ordinary citizen to help in finance it (I don't want to say "forced", but very near of it).
We all know that just in last civil war in Yugoslavia, one and half million refugee from Bosnia come to Serbia (under "Democratic" Muslim and NATO help), near same come from Croatia, and half from Kosovo - it is really need to help this people, but - additional money collected from "postage stamp" will be "zero result" in helping.
Any single, even if You offer 2.00 $ per sample, will be impossible to find, not in mint and not in used condition! Why? People don't have money to spend on mail, and who have, will spend it at the time when "obligatory period" will expire!
recently, I have in offer to my client postage due, complete years till 2010 from Bosnia (Muslim part), probably 30 stamp at all - sold out for near 100$ per set - and it take me half year to find on market! See by Yourself if You will have any luck!