Friday, March 01, 2013

Serbia - start 2013

1-2013 "Lunar Horoscope - Year of the Snake":

Serbian Post start 2013 year with good starting pole. Let's hope that they will continue and surprise us with more than this first nice issue! I go around web, and can not say that many countries made such nice design, just what is missing, is m/s or if not, at least, one printing sheet of 10, instead it come out in "simple" two stamp set, with face value of 68.00 dinar (less than 1.00 $), but because of "hot topic" around, be prepared to pay much more than that - somewhere between 1.60-1.80 US$ per set of 2 stamp.

Very nice design, "Snake" and "Horoscope", made by (again) Boban Savic M.A. who deserve congratulation from public!

I like it well, and suggest to all - "Must Have It"!

On market from Feb. 8, 2013.

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