Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2014: Start nice!

Here we are again!

1-2014 "Opening of Negotiation":

I will call it more openly "Opening negotiation of capitulation"!
Funny, cynical, but probably correct. And more than that - I really don't understand what was need to made this stamp? Just to say to the public and citizen that finally EU "broke" any possible option to stay "neutral" on the Balkan?

Issued very quickly after New Year, Jan. 21, 2014, one single stamp, minimal face value of around 0.26 $ per stamp. Nothing important on design except that it is nice topic of "Flags on Postage Stamp".

2-2014 "Lunar New year":

At the time of Yugoslavia, this topic was not common to made, but as time come, many countries made it and Serbia didn't stay away - as I see, even they made it better than other countries around!

Date is Jan. 31, 2014, two stamps in set, face value of less than $ (0.77 $) that will make it very affordable to have in collection. Topic is also popular, because it is "Year of Horse" in China Lunar Calendar, also can be included in "Horoscope" topical.
I will suggest to have it in collection, because it is still available around market!

3-2014 "Winter Olympic":

Not perfect, but very nice made. As we know, it is organized in Sochi - Russia, and Winter Sport is also popular around globe. Figure Skating and High Jump - shown on postage stamp. Set of 2 stamp, will take from You less than $ in face value, but if You will ask for sheet of 8 + gutter on middle - be prepared to pay on market some 15.00 $ minimum. Personally - I like it, even FDC is better than set alone!
Issued on Feb. 7, 2014.

4-2014 "Art(ist)":

Say what You want, but I will mark it as worst design in last period! What it is? Free expression of designer? Probably! But I don't like it! Than, 3 stamp in set, face value of near 1.50 $, Shakespeare, Lermontov and local Nushic on postage stamp. As I have in stock, Bosnia (Serbian part) made this issue much-much better as for eye, same for soul!
FDC improved little bit overall feeling, but still not for my taste!

5-2014 "Easter":

Noooo, it is running away from past design, where it was made just of "Fresque" on stamp, now, Post decided to be more "close" to the Catholic way, and less Orthodox Russian or Greece, probably EU is pressing too hard?
Two stamp in set, less than 0.70 $ face value, too small picture for this original painting!
Because I sold all FDC from stock (it is still popular topic of "Religion on Postage Stamp") I can not tell exact day of issue.

Postage Due 1-2014 "For displaced & refugee":

As usually, it is very low face value, obligatory just one week on all post, face value of 0.11 $, with really humanitarian intention of "New Roof" - mean to collect income for building homes for refugee and displaced that live in Serbia. As we know, Serbia have more than 2 million refugee from Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo and other part of Yugoslavia. No world organization care about this people, and this is just one really symbolic way to help this people.

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