Friday, October 24, 2014

2014: third shipment of year

As year come near end, one (third) shipment arrived from Serbian Post, interesting topic on issues as: "Cat", "Religion", "Persons", "Stamps on Stamps", "Coat of Arms"...

10-2014 "Joy of Europe":

How much it can be "Joy" at this turbulent days, here we have next one on same title "Joy of Europe" as come every year. It is under "Children Painting" group.
One stamp issue, Sept. 2, 2014. I can say just "ugly" as can be, (but it is rude to say!) even that it is made by children! I understand that it is some kind of cat, and that child who made it come from India, but....

So, nothing to say about, probably just that FDC made it more acceptable for collectors.
Face value of 70.00 ding (0.74 $), for sure, You will find it from any collectors on "exchange" base, and dealer will need extra 10% minimum.

11-2014 "patriarch Pavle":

If the previous issue was "disaster", this one come as healing for it!
late Patriarch Pavle was great person, who have great influence in religion and culture of Serbian population. Respected by almost all citizen and one soul that "shine" over all believer in Master!
Single stamp issued, with lowest face value of 23.00 dinar (0.24 $), as I search on internet, and with contact from Belgrade (Serbia), this issue are sold out almost after 24 hour on market. Sheetlet of 8 stamp and gutter it made very nice picture, and FDC just made it better. because of popularity and perfect design, stamp are in demand around, that made asking prices to go up as now dealers for single stamp as 4 time face value (minimum 1.00 $), and pair with gutter can reach some 3.00 $, sheetlet of 8+1 come near 7.00 $). Issued on Sept. 11, 2014, printed by ZIN - and yes, cancel on FDC are also fine!

12-2014 "Stamp day":

As every year, also this one, come out really good way! "Stamp Day" one stamp, low face value (0.24 $), fit to "Stamp on Stamp" topic, "must be" for every collection. Issue come out on Sept. 23, 2014.
Usually dealer will sell it in double face value, but as it is very attractive - probably price will be much bigger - keep an eye on this stamp!

13-2014 "Museum Exhibits":

This issue can be called other that is, and better will fit to "Coat of Arms" - because it show us coat of arms for Nemanjic and Brankovic dynasty - as is, I can say it is little bit "poor" in design, but - You can not change something that is made long-long time ago!
FDC made it much better and probably, many collectors of this topic will be very happy to have it in album!
Two stamp in set, with combined face value of 92.00 dinar (0.98 $), on internet You can have it for around three times face value, but if You have some "long-term" dealer that supply you with new issues, price will be lowered, probably just twice face value - all depend!
Nov. 1, 2014 on market!