Saturday, November 21, 2015

14-2015 and continue...

So, as we advance in year, here come news from Serbia Post, some very nice topical, as Light, Football, Children, WWI, Telecommunication....

14-2015 "Year of Light":

Really? Very strange "year of" but, if they made it.!
For this issue, I must to agree, that design is really great, as it mix little bit from mythology and modern art.
Issued on Aug. 26, 2015, set of two values, one stamp that show us light bulb, and second with goddess of light. Very nice work, so stamp will be really good fit for Your collection. Face value is also acceptable (1.00 $ US), but don't be naive and think that any dealer will give it less than 2-3.00 $US + postage, which will be very expensive in the end.

15-2015 "World Cup U-20":

Sept. 24, 2015: very nice achievement by young sportist from small Serbia! To be world champ in football is not small thing, so Serbian Post made one nice m/s to commemorate this event! face value are also very affordable, but in local standard - very high, as 184.00 dinar are not "easy" money.
Probably You will be able to obtain it from dealer for 3.50-4.50 US$ per one, if it will be available in exchange option are hard to predict, as Serbia have still low quantity printing! 
So, keep an eye on this issue!

16-2015 "Joy of Europe":

I still ask myself, why Serbian Post still keep going with this "legacy" issues, as it is not attractive and have no significance in any way. 
Yes, it is nice to say, that issue help to promote children and artwork of pupils, but, to put it on postage stamps are very problematic matter.
Oct. 2, 2015, single stamp in question, face value near 1.00 US$ per single, premium for small sheet of 8+gutter.

17-2015 "Belgrade Defense": 

Oct. 6, 2015: I hear somewhere, that Serbia was under pressure from "above", to stop and cancel issue that will celebrated WWI, as reason not to anger Bosnia Muslim population.
So to avoid any political with Austria, Hungary and others, Serbia Post decided to make this issue under name of 100 yr of Great Defense of Belgrade in the WWI. Who decided this name I really don't know, but we see it here, and face value receive really "degrading" value of 23.00 Dinar (less than $). If You collect Military, WWI, this stamp will come well in collection!

18-2015 "Telecommunication - Pupin":

Oct. 9, 2015: One of great scientist that Serbia give! Pupin, with his patent in telecommunication!!!
Pupin deserve to be on postage stamp, as he is very important in building modern telecommunication!
In design we see portrait of same person, and on FDC and gutter, we see his patent drawing. Design can be awarded some prizes!

19-2015 "Christmas":

Nice, nice, nice.... design is same like all this year back, and FDC even lot of better - Oct. 15, 2015.
Set of 2 value, that cost near 2.00 US$ will satisfy Your need in "Religion" topic. Buy it as You find it offered!

20-2015 "OSCE":

Oct. 20, 2015: To be fair, I think that this issue are very unnecessary as this organization (OSCE) lost own credibility and values over destruction of Yugoslavia. Middle range face value and no need on Philatelic  market, but people are still collecting it!

3-2015 "Postage Due":

As I don't know exactly on which day it was issued, will just mention that here is talking about "Children Week", water polo sport, and one nation leader Milosh Obrenovich, as usually, You will need 1.00 $US per single.