Saturday, October 22, 2016

13-2016 and up....

13-2016 "Byzantine Congress":

What to say, just "wow", and great!
This come to the market well on Aug. 22, 2016, to promote "23rd International Congress of Byzantine Study", which was held in Belgrade, Serbia this (2016) year.

Set of eight stamps, with very affordable face value, and with really great design by two artist (MA Marina Kalezich, MA Nadezhda Skochajich), this made it great!

We have (image on stamps) shown:
Grachanica Monastery, The Sarcophagus of  St. Stephan Dechansky, 
The Initial "V" (from manuscript of Isaak Sirin), Mother of God (from the Annunciation, 
Emperor Urosh and King Vukashin, Kalenich Monastery,
Archibishop Sava, Mother of God of Sokolica.

Why I say "great" for this issue?
Because in very "short" way, it is explained early period of Serbian history, with significance for education of future generation and whole world population, about Serbia and Serbian people.
Clearly, here we don't see any "modern" political intention, and it is "pure" scientific "show" of fact and proof that Serbian people have one history in written document, dated back to 1200+ year!

I'm just happy to see that Serbia and Serbian Post made this issue, because not every country in our small planet, still care about own peoples history. And not many made it by postage stamps as mean to show it! It is forever, it is written and it is effort worth to celebrate!

Glad to see, that responsible people in Serbian Post, also care about relatively low face value of this set, as face value come close to  3.40 US$, which will be affordable by any level collector that collect topical as: Religion, Churches, Archaeology, Manuscripts, Sculpture.... and some more.
How much will dealer ask? I think, that dealer will not go bellow 6.00 to 8.00 US$ per booklet, for near period. Probability that price will go down depend on availability of same issue, but, if Serbian Post decide to supply it in big quantities, that hope for "better" price exist.

I think (and I will repost this article also on my another blog page:, that this issue is very, very worth to have in any collection.

14-2016 "50th year of BITEF - Theater Festival":

Sept. 1, 2016, set of two stamps, low face value, showing us initiator of this happening, portrait of each on separate stamps.
What I don't like on this issue? 
You know, I don't like when someone use "others" country symbols (as here, logo "50" are in very american style, what was need for it - just organizers and responsible people know.

15-2016 "Battle of Kaymakchalan":

Single stamp issue, dated Sept. 12, 2016, very low face value, if someone collect WWI, than it will have one nice stamp in collection!
design? Better not to comment, for reason to keep respect to the WWI veterans and fallen people.

16-2016 "Uzhichka Republika":

Again single stamp go, on Sept. 23, 2016, this time remembering WWII, so...
Will say, that FDC design are much-much better made than stamp alone.