Thursday, May 17, 2018

2018 year first quart issues:

First quart of 2018 year come with few nice issues, under topic of:
Judaica, Fauna-Fish, Winter Olympic, Building-Architecture, Theater...

What to say, it is still in nice design, small quantity printed and affordable face value.

From all issues, I can just say, that FAUNA-Fish issue, I think that it can be made much better in design, but CITY issue, even that is it "medium" size format, is little bit "full" of details.
Good is that Carte Maximum was made just perfect,
as topic JUDAICA come to the full light as there are Great Synagogue (famous building) shown.

So, if You collect this topics, go after it!

1-2018 "Serbian Technician Society":

Issued on Feb. 2, 2018. Single stamp.

2-2018 "Winter Olympic":

Feb. 9, 2018, set of two values, but very affordable face value.

3-2018 "Lunar New Year - Dog":

Feb. 14, 2018, set of two values.

4-2018 "Easter":

March 1, 2018, set of two values.

5-2018 "National Theater 150 years":

March 12, 2018, single stamp. One nice design and Carte Maximum even better.

6-2018 "Fauna-Fish":

March 30, 2018, set of two values, sheet of 5 sets with different design, and format of sheet little bit changed from standard issued till now, as before, there was gutter between vertically as full picture. Now they decided to put tabs in low row horizontally as full picture.

7-2018 "Cities of Serbia":

One really good design, with two stamps. Subotica and Kragujevac city shown.
This issue come also as "Judaica" topical because on Subotica stamp, there are shown Grand Synagogue. Carte Maximum show in in really good way!

2018 Standard Issue of:

Set of 8 postage stamps, in small format, with various persons of Serbian history.