Wednesday, March 18, 2020

2019 - End of the Year:

19-2019 "Children's Stamp":

As usually at this time (Sep. 9, 2019), Serbia celebrate this "Children's" day, as in field of children and charity work. 
They have it almost hundred year back (first that was organized in Serbia, date to 1919 year), and continue...

Serbia Post, for this occasion, print one set of 4 values, showing us artwork of preschool children from Belgrade.
Set of 4 values, by my opinion, too much, as it will never reach some kind of TOPICAL importance, but face value for full set is 1.00 US$, and printing sheet was made of four sets, which can go little bit expensive for all kind of option (tete-beche) in specialized collection.
Even Scot catalog give it nice starting point for full sett of 4 (Scott #872 a-d, 2.00 US$).

20-2019 "Fresco - White Angel":

One of my most admired Fresco/Icon! White Angel of Monastery Milesheva!

"Let Your light shine before others, that they may see Your good deeds and glorify Your Father in heavens (Matthew 5:16)!

Actually, this issue is dedicated to 800 years of Milesheva Monastery, Serbia.
 Day of issue Sep. 29, 2019, one stamp,  minimal face value of 0.25 US$, stamp with well made design of Monastery and Fresco, FDC and CM also well made, and who collect RELIGION as topic, will have one very nice item there.

21-2019 "Joy of Europe":

Day Sep. 27, 2019, one stamp, Children drawing that come to market every year at this period.
Printing sheet of 8 + 1 label, but in very problematic sheet composition, as there are few option in label position.

22-2019 "Grammar School - Backi Petrovac":

Celebrating great 100 years of Grammar School, in one small city of Backi Petrovac, Serbia is really important matter. Many, really many countries in our small world, don't have history of 100 years, correct?!

One small city (where I'm born), of Backi Petrovac, Serbia, where is also center of SLOVAKIAN nationality living outside Slovakia, keep native language in use, national custom well preserved there. It is really wortyh and important, for country of Serbia, to celebrate this occasion.

One stamp, low face value, good design!

23-2019 "Stamp Day":

Issue that go to "Stamp on Stamp" collection, celebrating 150 years of Postal Card in Serbia.
Oct. 8, 2019, one stamp, minimal face value.

24-2019 "Christmas":

This time, Serbia decided to made one more "liberal" design with two stamp in set, not using icon in stamp design.
What is reason, really don't know, but, probably, it is some kind of "internationalization". I ask this question, because all Christmas stamp, are mostly made of Serbian Orthodox elements, but this time it come with elements of Christmas elements globally.
Not so important in the end, isn't?

Two stamps in set, face value around 1.25 US$ per set.

25-2019 "Filmske Novosti":

It is all about movie and news in movie industry!
75 years of this "journal", which cover all life in film and movie production around globe, Yugoslavia, Serbia.
It is single stamp with label, and on label You can find star like Henry Moore, Iv Montan, Simon Siniore,  writer Desanka Maksimovich, Urosh Predich, or even Ser Lorens Olivie.
On FDC You can see Jospi Broz Tito, and other moment from world history.
Topical collection that will need this issue go from Judaica to Movie, Presidents to Writers.
Day of issue Oct. 21, 2019.

26-2019 "Art in Serbia":

Set of 5 values, printing sheet of 5 + label in booklet format.
Good one design!

Nov. 11, 2019, 5 values in set, face value around 1.25 US$, but hardly that You will have it under 6.00 US$ per booklet.

27-2019 "Important/Famous Persons in Serbia":

Nov. 14, 2019, set of 3 stamps, with face value of near 1.00 US$, showing us archeologist, architect and scientist.
Printing sheet of 10 stamp, for which You will need some 12.00 to 15.00 US$.

28-2019 "Jedinstvo":

It is one stamp issued, Nov. 26, 2019, and issue that say a lot of Serbian people living in territory that have one monumental importance to the Serbian population - Serbian Autonomy of Kosovo!
We have here celebrating 75 years of "Jedinstvo", Informational and Cultural Institution, that was established in Dec. 1944!
So, it was in Serbian language, keeping informed all people that read in Serbian language, about culture and life on this territory.
From beginning, it was monthly newspaper, than go as weekly, and in 1969 be-weekly, till 1977 when it come as daily newspaper. But, in 1999 come NATO agression and editorial staff moved out from Pristina city, because they are expelled and property sized by "new citizens" but "Jedinstvo" continue to print this journal.

29-2019 "Krsna Slava":

It is Serbian tradition, "SLAVA" - celebration of family St. Patron's Day.
Tradition still keep in Serbia and all Serbian people have it!
It is ritual dedicated to a certain Christian  saint, who is believed to be a family's patron saint!
One very nice tradition!
Dec. 12, 2019, one stamp with St. Sava icon shown.

30-2019 "Volleyball Champion":

Serbia have it GREAT, really great in 2019!
Woman and Man European Volleyball Champion!
That is something great in Serbian people, never give up!

Two stamps in set, showing complete team in both selection, face value near 1.00 US$ per one, and one really good design.
Dec. 6, 2019.

Postage Due 2-2019:

Actually, it is NOT postage due, but regular issue in small format, that many people will mixed it with postage due, two stamp issued this time, and one showing us MOST IMPORTANT insect in our planet - BEE!
Second stamp is for Monastery "Zhicha" in Serbia.
Even that it have minimal face value, it will be hard to have it under 1.00 US$ price tag.