Monday, November 27, 2006

Serbia #7 "Stamp Day":

That commemorate first stamp of Serbia (23 May 1863 day that was decided to issue stamp).

This (picture) issue will come to topic "Stamp on Stamp", and date of issue is 24 Oct. 2006.
FDC is simple but nice design, and stamp alone is one poor reproduction of first stamp of Serbia.
Artist M. Kalezic.
Interesting is just, that this time Serbian Post decided to print it in sheetlet of 8 but without tab on middle of sheetlet, instead, they choice to use "Israeli" style, with every stamp with own tab.

Serbia #6 "Water polo" topic.

Issued to commemorate European championship in water polo, where Serbia got first place (gold medal) - first by independent state Serbia.
Again issued in sheetlet of 8+tab on middle sheet, numerated on salvage.
Issued on 13 Sept. 2006, artist like usually M. Kalezic.
FDC is nice design, but stamp alone is missing quality to math this kind of success.

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