Saturday, November 25, 2006

Serbia (German Occ.) Michel #Block1 and 2 FDC, Scott #2NB5 and 6:

This is one fascinating item that I must show here!
So nice, so great design and intention.
Issued in 22 Sept 1941, to help reconstruction and victim of Smederevo town blast.
Blast was in Germans Occupied forces amunition warehouse, that caused total destruction of city.
Issued two s/s, one perforated and second imperforated, in 22 000 pieces each!
So small quantity printed, that can hardly meet collectors needs. Can be included in castle/fortrees, WWII, German areas, topics.

Because of small quantity available, some people made some fake cancelation, to reach prices, that say (for perforated and imperforated separately):

Michel catalog value for FDC is 750.00 euros,
SFK catalog valued it same in 750.00 euros,
Scott have it on 300.00 $ for used set of each s/s.

Not small investment for collectors who usually need booth of them, and that will cost 1500.00 euros catalog value.
What will market say about this prices? I have really hard work and lot of time (more than 2 year) till I obtained both FDC. And in SFK and Michel catalog is warning for fake cancels, that mean more risk to obrtain one classic material, but - when I received it - it was really satisfaction.
Yes - I don't pay full catalog value, but for 1000.00 euros You can find one set of this block in good condition, but without certificate.
Because that I warn all collectors to buy it just from trusted dealer, and if possible, to invest in certificate.
On FDC that is on display You can see cancel from FD issue + set that someone used on the first day issue, I think for intention just to keep it in good condition, because to save it in mint, nh, condition, for long period, was impossible mission.
It is printed on common paper, little bit heavy, in Government Printing Plant Belgrade, gummed yellow/bright, but glue from this period was "killer" for this material. In most cases, You will find it rusted, and with damaged glue.
If to someone was offered this s/s in mint, nh, best condition ('like new") I will suggest to everyone - reject offer, and ask about certificate.

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