Sunday, November 26, 2006

Serbia (German Occ.) Michel #82-85,
Scott #2NB19-22,
SFK #684-687.

I think that we need to talk about this issue, because reason that they issued it, is so human, that many countries need to learn from it.

Let's start from beginning.
Issued on 13 Sept. 1942, middle of WWII, country destroyed, bombed, industry on zero activity, most Serbian population eliminated (killed) by German Occupation army - and Serbian decided to help poor and war orphans.
Set have 4 value, with "Mother and Child" pictured, author is Vladimir Guljevic, and printed in Belgrade Gov't offset printing plant, quantity is 52 000 sets, in printing sheet of 16 (4x4 set).

Part of quantity printed, have graver initials on some of stamp, that make difference in valuing this issue.

Like all other issue from this period, this issue is also vulnerable to rust, and damage by glue, paper quality, and war period, and to find sheetlet of 16 is also hard task, especially if it is
52 000 set printed, that mean just 13 000 sheetlet existed at issue day.

What say catalog for this issue. Michel just stated that existed sheetlets, but no value for it. If to value it according set - it will be 4x40 euros will give prices for 160.00 euros for sheetlet, in mint, nh, condition. Scott value it (set) 26.00 $, mean over 100.00$ for sheetlet, and SFK catalog have more specific prices, because they value also with and without graver's initials.
For standard set, SFK catalog have value of 12.00 euros, set in block of four go to 16.00 euros, with graver's initials set will reach 52.00 euros.

In case that you have it on used cover - it is bonanza - original cancel will give You 680.00 euros for complete set. Just for info - I didn't saw it in my life, maybe (because I'm young) till end - I will find it.

Let's see what market will say?

Searching for sheetlet will take "dentist" patience, if someone have it in collection, hardly will sell it separately, and if it will pop-up somewhere on auction, it will reach more than 150.00 euros per sheetlet, but - if You have lucky, and find direct sale, or You have Your dealer - it will cost You somewhere around 120.00 euro for sheetlet of 16 stamp (4 set).

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